Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 43

Genco Biobus from

Genco Biobus from

Ken & Kevin are back for another week of shenanigans. They start off by talking about the Genco Biobus which as this nifty design on it. Is Japan getting jealous of all of the wacky stories coming out of the United Kingdom these days? Does this bus really run on poo? Is this graphic on every side of the bus? We all know which line this runs on, right? We could all ride this bus if we went to Bristol, England but would we be able to ride a bike that turned the opposite way? How long did it take Destin from Smarter Everyday to figure out how to ride this unique bicycle? How long did it take his son to master this same skill? What does Kevin compare this experience to? How many people did he test his theory on? How many places did he test it out in? How does this bike riding experience compare to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave? The last topic of the even has us listening to the wit of Englishman John Oliver and more importantly, Martin Sheen. They helped to produce an “Doomsday” tape much like Ted Turner did for CNN. The last topic of the evening is of course the #SippyTimeBeer of the Week which is from Columbus because it’s #CbusBeerWeek for the next 9 days!

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