Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 50



Ken & Kevin are back for more fun with technology, science involving technology and architecture that involves old and new technology. Their technology talk will be an ongoing since the article What Is Code? is longer than most of the books Kevin has read. Do we know if Ken wears a taupe blazer since he’s the designer of Stunt Granny’s website? Does he know an algorithm? Are they as complex as the media make them sound? Does this article do a good job of building up your knowledge? Another good article that the gentleman read was about the updating of dinosaurs lives. Who knew that some of them had feathers? Who would dissolve dinosaurs bones in acid to find blood cells? How often should this be done? How much more information could we gain from analyzing soft tissues of any type? How silly was the dinosaur autopsy on National Geographic? Some of the buildings that Kevin & Ken looked at for their last topic seem down right silly with how large their cantilevers are. How many buildings has Kevin actually designed? Why do we not see more cantilevers? What is a basic structure that is a cantilever? Last but not least, the guys pimp the Sippy Time Beer of the week. What type of beer is it this time? Find out when you click the link below!

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