Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff 33

After a two week hiatus and San Diego Comic-Con wrapping up what do you expect the guys to talk about. Yes it is all things Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and a slew of other important news.  This isn’t a spoiler but how awesome is that trailer? Why are people such downers? Does the trailer from Suicide Squad possibly cemented Jared Leto as the greatest Joker ever? Why Does Lex Luthor have hair by the way? Is it time for the Ben Affleck haters to shut it finally? is ti possible Suicide Squad could be DC’s first R rated film? Why do people continually hate on movies they haven’t seen? Why do you want movie propertie to fail? Arent these character forward moving instead of stagnant illustrations of yesteryear? Jut enjoy and enjoy more by downloading the show and give it a listen.

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