Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 57

Ken & Kevin are back and they are talking about an article that is titled “Science Isn’t Broken.” So what makes people think it is broken? What are scientists doing to repair this image? Are things as bad as they’re made out to be? What are p-values? Can you avoid human bias in any study? Do later studies disproving old studies mean the old studies weren’t useful? Does that just mean science is building on itself? The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is trying to build his own league but didn’t help himself by making Deflate-Gate bigger than it should have been. Tom Brady is now ready to play the Pittsburgh Steelers next week. Was it the right decision? How much of the evidence hinged on Brady not cooperating with the NFL? What are the chances that the NFL wins on appeal? How much does it pain your hosts to agree with Brady? Is there any chance previously rulings will be changed in light of this ruling? Ken & Kevin continue talking NFL courtesy of Jessica McCloughan, wife of the Washington Redskin’s General Manager. Why did she accuse her husband of having a side piece that is an ESPN reporter? Why would you accuse someone of giving blow jobs on your own Twitter handle? Why then would the Washington PR man deny it was your account? What else has already gone wrong in Washington before the season has started? The guys end on a lighter note talking about Nicole Frybotova, who is a twenty one year old artistic cyclist. Would either of your hosts attempt to do anything in the video above? How has she not won a World Championship yet? Ken & Kevin finish as usual by talking about beer. This time it’s a Stunt Granny Brewing original so click the link below to find out which one!

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