Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 61

A Dyson Sphere saved from Rémy Bournoville on

A Dyson Sphere saved from Rémy Bournoville on

Ken & Kevin posted some topics to each other a month ago but because of all of life’s goings on, they didn’t get to record. It’s a good thing that all of the stories updated themselves within that time frame. The first story was about the possibility of finding alien life around the KIC 8462852 star on the Kepler mission. The update is provided by The SETI Institute which doesn’t think that we have found alien life, yet. Why do they think there isn’t alien life? Is the picture above enough to explain what a Dyson Sphere is? Why does it factor into this story? Is there a chance there we can find an extinct civilization in outer space? The second story of the night that got updated was the purchase of SABMiller by Anheuser-Busch InBev. Does that mean we’re all going to have to drink bad beer? Will there really be a problem with AB InBev purchasing distributors? Will they allow craft beer to be distributed? Will Stunt Granny Brewing ever make it to the shelves? Ken & Kevin move on to lighter fare and that starts with a new rat species found on Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. What makes this discovery so interesting? What could be the purpose of having a copious amount of hair in that spot? What makes this rat even weird than strange tufts of hair? The other light topic is that of collecting AOL discs. Someone actually does this? Hold on, there’s more than one person with a collection of over 2000 discs? What qualifies a disc to be part of the collection? Ken & Kevin end on a local note by talking about the man who keeps stealing box sets of Downtown Abbey collections. Who is he selling them too? What is he doing with the proceeds of the sales? Has he been caught before? Join Ken & Kevin in downtown OHPA to enjoy this fun.

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