Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE NXT – 9 Mar. ’16

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William Regal addresses the Baron Corbin attack on Austin Aries. They will face each other at NXT Takeover: Dallas. He also sets the stage for

Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe – I am really liking the slow build to the start of this match. Joe is getting slightly more of the advantage but Zayn has had openings. I love Corey Graves noting the wear and tear on the wrestlers but it won’t matter that Zayn had an extra trip to Chicago. Zayn starts working on Joe’s shoulder. Jeremy & I were talking about moves that should be considered finishers, but aren’t. Joe’s running boot to the head really should be a finisher. You’re kicking a guy square in the head! Joe had an extended stint of offense. Zayn had a few short come backs but Joe dominated. Zayn gained control by low bridging a charging Joe. Zayn got in plenty of offense. Joe urinogied a charging Zayn. He followed up with a Muscle Buster for the first fall. Zayn was barely able to stand when the bell was rung for the second fall. Zayn connected with a middle rope drop kick. Joe ended up being cut to give himself a breather and opening. It was a full fledged come back including the Koji Clutch tap over victory for the second fall. Zayn got the Blue Thunder Bomb but Joe kicked out at two. Joe catches Zayn going to the top. He can’t take advantage and gets power bombed by a leaping Zayn. Joe rolls outside. Zayn jumps through the ropes and DDTs Joe. Zayn couldn’t take advantage of a wounded Joe. He turns a power bomb into a Boston Crab then a cross face. Joe continues to get near falls. Zayn hits the Exploder Suplex on Joe into the corner. Joe turned it around soon there after. Joe locked on the Kokina Clutch to win the pass out victory. – Kevin

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