Stunt Granny Audio 344 – Dean Ambrose, The Undertaker & The Divas World Title

I find it quite amusing that this picture was saved from

I find it quite amusing that this picture was saved from

Chris & Kevin have similar talking points as last week so they start off by talking about the newest Stunt Granny Beer, Irish Whip. Which one of the founding fathers of Stunt Granny came up with the plan to name the beers after wrestling tropes? They do get around to wrestling and the biggest name on their lips is Dean Ambrose. Did he prove everyone who wants him in the main event correct with his performance? Do your hosts think it is possible for him to beat HHH at Road Block? Would Brock Lesnar get catapulted into the WWE Title match then? Would Roman Reigns still be involved? Or would he still have to fight HHH? Chris & Kevin get around to subject two, The Undertaker. Who wouldn’t want that gig for how little work he does? Does the WWE still have time to flesh out his thinking more? Do we have any more answers about whether Shane McMahon will be sticking around for the long haul? Do your hosts think it’s a lock that these two will be the participants will enter the Hell In A Cell? The last of the major subjects are Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Is the awful double pin more confirmation that the title will be up for grabs in a three way? Why can’t the WWE just have a count out? Chris & Kevin finish things off with a little NXT talk, so spoiler alert for the last seven minutes of the show.

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