Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #56

tumblr_l7dmaxnqzc1qaskzzo1_1280The boys are back on a down note this week. Shahid and Jeremy cover and reminisce on the double punch of the deaths of Chyna and Prince.  Who forgot just how important Chyna was in the beginning of her career with WWE?  Was, is or can there be another artist as talented and under appreciated as Prince? The Prince conversation is long gang but while discussing him both guys started realizing just how important Prince was to the both of them. What the hell is going on with the live action Ghost In the Shell movie? Computer programs to make actors look more Asian?  When are studios and companies going to learn and if they can’t how can these decisions finally stop? How crazy is Lucha Underground? Is the description that Lucha Underground is essentially a live action video game correct? If not what else can you compare it to in entertainment? They cover all of this and more so give it a listen already.




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