Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 69 – Left & Right Brain, Nerf Guns & McDonald’s Assault

Ken & Kevin are back in the saddle, so they decide to lead off the show talking about Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Which side of the mind did they use to pick the first topic? Why does the left brain control the right side of your body while the right brain controls your left side? What happens when you disconnect both sides of the brain? Can this condition exist without removing the connection between the sides? Could we all be considered to have two personalities at all times? They move along to talking about a former NASA engineer who created a giant Nerf Gun.

What did the Nerf Gun battle in the video remind Kevin of from his childhood? What kind of personality would allow one to kidnap albinos? Why are they doing it? Where are they doing it? Is there a degree to become a witch doctor? Ken & Kevin went over seas for that story but they come back firmly in OH territory to talk about some women who assault a McDonald’s employee because she took too long to feed them. You have to look at the link for the mug shots. How slowly was the employee moving? This show doesn’t move slowly so click on the link and have some listening pleasure.

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