Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 75 – Monster Trucks, Elon Musk and Thai Fireworks

Ken & Kevin are back again and they’re all about recent topics. The first one up to bat is the movie in the video above, Monster Trucks. It appears to be a terrible movie whose star is now the lead in McGyver which sends you’re hosts down the road of recounting which movies they watched as children but didn’t understand. Will there be any of that type of comedy in Monster Trucks? How does the alien aid in propulsion of the trucks? Why is Paramount already trying to write off this movie to the tune of $115 Million? Show friend Elon Musk is going spend more money than that trying to get people to Mars in the next 50-100 years. Why are they only launching missions every 26 months? How many people are going to be transported on each ship? What are their plans to have, well, life on a hostile planet? What will people do once they are up there? Another Elon Musk project, was in the recent news for all of the wrong reasons. A test firing of the Space X space shuttle blew up. When it did so, it also blew up our good friend Mark Zuckerberg’s satellite? Why was such an expensive object on a test? Does Zuckerberg have a plan B for what just went up in flames?

Ken & Kevin continue on talking about rockets but this time in Thailand and they’re homemade. The one in the video above caught their fancy though. How large is that firework? Would this even be legal in the US? How high in the air was this firework? Your hosts fear of the falling debris was solved how? When did this ceremony originate? They wrap up by talking about the Longaberger Basket Building which is now for sale. How well does it work as an office building? What is the biggest thing holding it back? And what is so darn interesting about those basket handles? Find out the answer to these questions and the Bell Time Beer of OHPA 75 when you click the link below.

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