Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 3 Oct. ’16

The Getty Center is designed by Richard Meier and is in Los Angeles CA. Picture saved from

The Getty Center is designed by Richard Meier and is in Los Angeles CA. Picture saved from

The WWE starts us off by reminding us of the Women’s & Cruiser Weight Championships on the line tonight. Seth Rollins is getting an exclusive interview with Michael Cole. The in ring portion of the night starts with Roman Reigns and a microphone. He talks about his blood lines never holding the US Title before now. Lana then interrupts. Reigns keeps on telling Lana to have Rusev do his own work. She keeps getting more distressed. Rusev finally answers the call. He then proceeds to kick Reigns over the barricade. Rusev grabs the US Title and walks backstage with it. Rusev celebrates on the stage. Reigns comes from behind and Superman Punches him. Reigns says they’re going to finish the rivalry in a Hell In a Cell.

The WWE did a video package of the rivalry between TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick. Perkins brings the high flying moves early. Kendrick catches Perkins with a boot charging in. Kendrick puts Perkins hand in the ring rig and stands on it. Top rope huracanrana leads to a momentum shift for Perkins. Gut buster only gets Perkins a two count. He floats intoa  knee bar but Kendrick reaches the rope. Kendrick gets two from Sliced Bread No. 2. Kendrick locks in the Captain’s Hook. Perkins counters out. Wrecking Ball Drop Kick. Kendrick counters into a Captain’s Hook. Perkins taps out. It was non-title so we get another PPV match out of this feud.

Michael Cole has an exclusive interview with Seth Rollins. Cole had a goofy grin on his face while Rollins talks. The main thrust of the interview is how different him and Kevin OWens are even though people are comparing their rise to fame. It’s a really odd spot to put Rollins in. Still a heel persona but no real traction for a baby face run. Sure, taking shots at HHH & Stephanie McMahon is something but it wasn’t worded all that strongly.

Braun Strowman squashed Chase Silver. Strowman requests more competition. Thanks Braun for moving along your own story line.

Sasha Banks and Bayley have to act like they’re good friends. Bayley’s niceness doesn’t play well of off “The Boss”. Her match against Charlotte is the main event of Raw tonight.

Kevin Owens comes out with Chris Jericho. Owens starts off by ripping on Cole. Owens thinks that Rollins is a stupid idiot for asking for a rematch already. Jericho is in the ring because “They’re best of friends.” Owens points out the problem of chanting “Stupid idiots” at the wrong time. Owens wants Jericho to be the referee for his rematch with Rollins. Jericho suggests them teaming together to take on the New Day. Owens is trying to politely turn him down. Jericho gets angered and suggests that he could ask for a shot at the Universal Championship. Owens quickly agrees to take on New Day, who comes out promptly. They have the best friendship not JeriKO. So Kofi Kingston gets on the list. Big E gets on the List for suggesting Jericho can’t be in the Champions huddle. Xavier Woods is the last to get on The List. Owens tells them they jumped the shark months ago. Woods insults his jumping ability and gets on the list a second time. New Day is good with taking them on.

Sheamus & Cesaro argued on the way to the arena. It’s as interesting as what I just typed.

Sami Zayn is taking on Titus O’Neil who has his own new brand. O’Neil uses his power to his advantage early. O’Neil talks trash after hitting a big back breaker. Zayn fires off with a clothes line. Zayn suplexes O’Neil into the turn buckles. Helluva Kick for the win. Everyone including the announcers wonders why O’Neil had an inset promo before the match.

Sheamus & Cesaro are still arguing. Mick Foley gives them another pep talk. The WWE is moving things forward but I’d be just fine with them getting along already or have them be more entertaining while they bicker.

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows aren’t happy about the look of the tag team division. They act serious and say they are going to push the clown car off the cliff. You were doing skits about collecting balls so you were part of the problem. They get to show their new seriousness against Golden Truth. R Truth gets the hot tag after a short beat down of Goldust. Magic Killer for the win by The Club. They attack Goldust who was attending to Truth. Second Magic Killer.

Ashton Kutcher & Danny Masterson get to talk to Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens. They have a fun segment that even my wife is laughing at. Their match with the New Day is up next with Kutcher & Masterson in the announce booth. They get to pimp their new show which city folk won’t get. The match takes a back seat to the banter of the big celebrities who won’t bring one extra viewer. Xavier Woods is taking a beat down after the break. Kofi Kingston is taking this match off. Woods suplexes Jericho off the top rope face first. Jericho kicks out at two after a cross body. Kutcher & Masterson are doing a better job of emoting than the announcers. Seth Rollins comes out and distracts Owens. Big E gets the hot tag. Owens cut it short momentarily. Woods gets tagged back in. Jericho puts him in the Lion Tamer. Rollins distracts Jericho this time. Big E gets tagged in. Midnight Hour for the New Day victory. Rollins gets into the ring and Pedigrees Jericho while calling out to Owens.

Tom Phillips gets to interview Dana Brooke & Charlotte. He asks about butterflies. She denies having them because she truly is genetically superior. Charlotte points out that she is history when she taps out tonight. Which is true so Sasha is winning the Championship back, right?

Rich Swann gets a video package.

Seth Rollins is happy back stage. Stephanie McMahon is mad at him for interfering in the tag team match. She says he won’t last long because he truly is on his own. HHH made a mistake by turning on him. Rollins threatens to burn down Raw and Owens if he doesn’t get his rematch. Stephanie looks as if she has a plan in mind.

Tony Nese is Rich Swann’s opponent. Nese gets an inset promo. He calls himself the premier athlete. These promos and videos are informative but it doesn’t help get the crowd into it. They finally get into the swing of the match when Nese has some string strikes. Swann gets in his offense later in the match. Nese tosses Swann into the ropes neck first. Pump Handle Michinaku Driver for the Nese victory.

I rewound the DVR to see the Emmalina video package.

Sheamus & Cesaro are still having problems. It’s so funny. Except it isn’t. They are fighting jobbers which makes it that much funnier that the announcers have to sell peril for Sheamus & Cesaro. Brogue Kick for the win.

Sasha Banks & Charlotte run into Bayley back stage. Charlotte insults her and wlaks off. Brooke stays behind and talks more trash. Bayley stops Brooke from slapping her. Bayley tosses Brooke into an equipment box.

Sasha Banks hits a suicide dive early that leads to a commercial. I’m hoping they’re taking it now so the match can be show with less breaks going forward. Charlotte had taken command durign the break and was working over Banks’s back. Sasha got some momentum hitting and moving. Charlotte catches Sasha and tosses her back into the ring. Banks gets caught going to the top ropes and falls to the mat. Charlotte follows up with a Big Boot. Banks kicks out at two.  Charlotte goes for a middle rope suplex. Banks fights out Double Knees off the top rope only gets a two count. Charlotte toses Banks off her back and onto the floor. Charlotte misses but does a corkscrew moonsault. Nice twist on a big match spot for her. Natural Selection after they get back in the ring. It only gets a two count. Charlotte starts screaming and slapping Banks. Sasha counters an Irish Whip into a Bank Statement. Charlotte turns it into a pin fall but Banks flips her to the middle of the ring. Banks wins the Women’s Championship again. – Kevin DiFrango

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