Stunt Granny Audio 374 – Talking Smack, Women’s Wrestling and The Great War

Chris & Kevin are back for your weekly dose of wrestling talk. They start by discussing the importance of Talking Smack. Does Raw have an equivalent of this show? Has John Cena brought out something in Dean Ambrose that Steve Austin wasn’t able to? Is the WWE doing a good job of letting in reality in this feud? How about the feud with AJ Styles and both Ambrose & Cena? Hasn’t Styles been booked as a heel the whole time despite the cheers of the crowd? Will Cena end up feuding with Ambrose after this three way match is over? Wouldn’t it fit Styles character to get a cheap win off the them arguing? Sasha Banks did not get a cheap win over Charlotte on Raw Monday night. What is more important, that they got the main event slot of Raw or had a longer match in their first encounter? Will the WWE have them head line Hell In A Cell in said structure? Will it help to protect Banks from injuries as opposed to the more well named SheLC Match? Smackdown has done a better job of developing the women since they will have both Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella vs Carmella on their next PPV. How superior is Charlotte over all of these other ladies in the athleticism department? Reby Sky does not have any redeeming in ring qualities so she got booted from “The Great War” early in the match up. Bound For Glory aired without a purchase from Billy Corgan or the WWE. So is Dixie Carter just again delaying the inevitable? Can she really change her ways this late into owning a wrestling company? Isn’t TNA’s lack of scouting young talent their biggest problem? Aren’t even the featured young men still kind of plain? What isn’t plain is Stunt Granny Brewing German Suplex which has a snazzy new catch phrase. Click on the link below to find out what it is!

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