Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #73


We Watch Stuff is back and what else do you think the boys are going to discuss? Yes, so spoiler warning is in effect as they discuss Netflix and Marvel’s Luke Cage. How divisive has this show actually been? How well has Marvel done taking a character with different voices since his creation and made him contemporary? Did Luke ever get his $200.00 from Dr. Doom? Who hasn’t finished the series yet making this an incomplete but still entertaining conversation? What wrestling news could possibly interrupt Luke Cage? (Hint: The first episode of Luke Cage contains a generous amount of it.) What genres does Luke Cage borrow from and honor? Should the show be considered R rated? There is also talk of the upcoming Logan/ Wolverine 3 film. Should a Wolverine movie be R rated? What other Marvel characters are prime for a R Rated movie? How well is Iron Fist going to fit in with the Netflix universe? All of this and a bunch ore so give it a try won’t ya?



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