Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 7 – The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

Saved from Picture copyright thru AMC.

Saved from Picture copyright thru AMC.

Jeremy: So yeah, last night was intense.

Kevin: Yes it was, but of course that was after I thought, so they’re dragging out who died even longer, huh? Ugh.

Jeremy: After 10 minutes, I said to Elyse “Are they seriously going to pull this shit out?”

Kevin: They did get the deaths in before the half way mark of the show so at least they weren’t complete dicks about it. I did laugh though just because everyone was pissed about the cliff hanger nature of it to end last season so they drug it out more.

Jeremy: Yes I remember complaining about it for a while. Then this episode delivered so all is forgiven. Once they delivered on the deaths the beginning of the show made more sense.

Kevin: That convention of  starting in the middle of the episode then doing flash backs is so common these days. It works which is a reason to do it. In this case, it certainly made you suspenseful since they had Rick flash back to small scenes with all of the characters that were at the meeting wit Negan and Lucille.

Jeremy: His memory flashes with the individual group members history followed by them all getting smashed in the head was a really good touch. It did make you think everyone was a possible target. I know they filmed everyone getting whacked to make sure it didn’t get spoiled. Must have figured they shot the scenes lets use it.  There is actually a “leaked” video of Maggie getting smashed. Its pretty rough.

Kevin: You know me, I don’t look for spoilers so I haven’t seen that “leaked” footage but I did hear someone mention the possibility of 2 people dying and that part certainly came true. The Abraham death was pretty gruesome but it’d be hard to top what happened to Glenn.

Jeremy: I cam across the Maggie death this morning. I was very careful to avoid anything Walking Dead related for a good while. When Abraham went down first I thought they copped out and let Glenn live again. Knowing Glenn died in the comics in this scene it made sense. They even gave some of the lines Negan said to Glenn in the comic to Abraham. It was a good misdirection. Even not having read the comics I can see how it would be satisfying. Abraham even got in one last line too.

Kevin: “Suck my balls” is a classic and seems appropriate for Abraham to go out on. Because a second person had been floating, I didn’t think about him dying being a cop out.

Jeremy: I hadn’t read anything about there being multiple people. So when Daryl attacked Negan my initial reaction was “Oh no.” Taking Abraham away removed some of the muscle but Daryl getting bumped off removed it all as well as Rick’s right hand man. This was a good way to show just how Negan works. You mess up someone else pays.

Kevin: I did think Daryl was going to get Lucille but I didn’t think about Rick losing all of his muscle if that happened or about someone else paying for your mistakes. Certainly makes you think more about what you’re doing. When you offer yourself up to die (or lose an arm), at least you can feel better about yourself being a martyr. When someone else pays for it, you lose that.

Jeremy: This is one of the things going forward for Daryl. I can see him blaming himself for Glenn, which isn’t exactly wrong. Also makes me think this is one of the reasons Daryl was taken back to wherever Negan is hanging out. Keep the wild dog within arms length. Easier to keep an eye on him as well as holding leverage over the group.

One thing you brought up and we cant go without saying, Glenn’s death was nasty and that was on cable. I think basic cable as well. I mean Abraham was nasty but Glenn got he comics treatment for sure.
Kevin: I didn’t think about Daryl’s plight until this morning so I do hope they show him having a mental break down of some sort because of Glenn’s death. And yes, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Not that it bothered me, but I’m shocked that got shown on one of the most popular shows on TV. The eye ball popping out while he tried to tell Maggie he loved her was brutal.
Jeremy: Him stuttering out “muh muh muh” was just sick. It played out the same in comics with him stammering but actually hearing it was tough. They did go away form his head being pulp til they showed a long shot. They made up for it though with a piece of Glenn’s scalp on the bat. So gross. Then Negan joking about Lucille being a vampire bat was so ridiculous.
Kevin: They cut away from both deaths until the head was completely smashed which was “nice” of them. I just chuckled at the vampire bat joke and shook my head. It was interesting that during Rick’s flash backs, you did see a smashed head with no way of making out who it was.
Jeremy: I missed that part. I really have no complaints with how it went down. It was a tense hour all the way through. The worst was the decision for Rick to cut off Carl;s arm. Elyse said that was really hard for her to watch. They needed something more though since Rick never really relented.

Kevin: Negan said it best, you still have that look in your eye. Even the way Rick was fighting the zombies when he got pushed out of the RV for the axe made you think he was still going to come up with a plan to kill him. I mean, even after breaking him, I’d think he’d re-formulate a plan but that’s not what this episode is about.

I do laugh when we get a Biblical situation gets thrown onto a modern TV show. Sacrifice your son!

Jeremy: That was my first thought. In the comics Rick lost his hand and I wondered if this is where they were going. Especially when Rick offered himself. Carl came off like a bad ass though when he told Rick to just do it.
Kevin: I don’t have the heads up on the comics either so I didn’t know someone lost a limb or a part of one. Carl didn’t really have any lines outside of that. Quite a moment between the two.
Jeremy: It was, as dumb as this may sound, a Rick episode. Yes there was 20 minutes of Glenn and Abraham head bashing but until the end it was all Rick and Negan. This needed to happen though since Rick was off the reservation lately in his confidence.
Kevin: Negan was all too happy to point out Rick’s problem too. The whole incident still makes me wonder why Negan and the Saviors hadn’t found Alexandria yet though. It seems by far the largest outpost and they missed it? Even though other groups like the Wolves had found it?
Jeremy: I remember some of the Saviors telling Carol thy knew where it was. Could also be part of the plan that he figures why take it by force when he did it near effortlessly.
Kevin: It needs to be spelled more then in future episodes if that’s what they were doing. I still wonder what role Hilltop played in this whole incident. Did they sucker Rick into getting the beat down which took a long time. They still lost a boatload of supplies in the trade too.
Jeremy: This is one of those episodes where there were a handful of happenings but they were so significant that the upcoming episodes weren’t even a consideration. I didn’t think about the future at all last night. Didn’t even ponder Carol and Morgan as well.
Kevin: I wasn’t thinking of them as I watched, but now as we chat about it, they’re hitting me.
Jeremy: They are off in a totally different environment. SO the show can go to that direction for an episode as well as Maggie going to Hilltop with Sasha now. They built that split in nicely because you can;t have the main group all the time. Boy would that be too heavy.
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