Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 7 Nov. ’16

The Glasgow Cathedral in Glasgow Scotland. Saved from

The Glasgow Cathedral in Glasgow Scotland. Saved from

It didn’t dawn on me earlier today that Raw would be “Almost Live” for two reasons this week. My own habit is to start viewing the show around 9 P EST. The tapings over seas always give us a delay and a show that seem to move along differently than a normal episode.

Stephanie McMahon comes out and talks about “Red vs Blue” at home which of coursereferred to Raw vs Smackdown Live. Wocka wocka.  She introduces Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and the final team member Seth Rollins. Stephanie gives them a pep talk by pointing out why they should hate each individual team member from SDL. She leaves by telling them that their jobs depend on winning at Survivor Series. Rollins tells Owens that their issue is only on hold until after Survivor Series. Owens & Jericho go off on how they are co-captains of Team Raw so everyone should listen to them. Rollins & Reigns laugh and eventually punch Owens & Jericho. Strowman just starts attacking people. Stephanie comes back out and makes a Fatal Five Way so they can all “Get it out of their system” prior to SS.

Rich Swann dances while the WWE hypes #205Live. Corey Graves will be announcing there too. The more Graves, the more better. Brian Kendrick comes down. Noam Dar comes out second to get the home crowd and debut pop. Sin Cara is the baggage for Swann. The announcers pointing out that Dar is 23. He’s one of the few new faces that are young. Graves has me in tears saying that Sin Cara is pushing 220. Michael Cole shushes him as if pointing out the obvious is going to make it more obvious. Sin Cara takes out Dar on the outside. Swann rolls up Kendrick with a Clover Leaf hold for the win. Kendrick bags on Dar for costing them the match. Dar chuckles and snear at Kendrick who then pops him with a right. Dar ends up turning things around to go out on top.

Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar get a video package. Sami Zayn walks in on Stephanie who has a phone call as he enters. Stephanie runs him down. She doesn’t see his value and is put off by his positivity. She tells him he has a match against Rusev to determine who takes on Dolph Ziggler at SS. So is the IC Title going to have an opposite brand opponent too?

Enzo Amore & Big Cass are over in Scotland too, if you were wondering. We find out SDL is “Sawft.” Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows are out next. Followed by Golden Truth then Cesaro & Sheamus. This motley crew is going to be led by New Day. They bicker amongst themselves. The highlight being Cesaro giving Sheamus the nick name of the “Red Rooster.” That might be the only thing that gets Sheamus to do away with the mohawk. New Day comes out dressed as Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Xavier Woods puts over playing the bag pipes. Big E puts over a terrible Scottish accent and recites lines from Braveheart to get all the teams to join together.

New Day and Gallows & Anderson have a match after a commercial. I had a hard time paying attention to this match and so did the crowd who was dead. Gallows & Anderson hit Big E with the Magic Killer to win. I’m not even sure what to say. I love Gallows & Anderson but they have been jerked around since they debuted.

The Golden Truth is still getting segments. R Truth gave their spot to The Shining Stars.

Brock Lesnar gets his own video package. It’s good but did we need to double down? I felt like I heard from him in the first package too.

Kevin Owens tries to get Braun Strowman on the same page with him & Chris Jericho, who isn’t as fond of the idea.  Strowman leaves them saying he’s on his own team.

Scotland is cursed with The Golden Truth (in their third segment) against The Shining Stars. Primo puts his feet on the ropes to gain the win over Goldust. The Shining Stars being on any team is shocking.

Michael Cole gets to introduce the Raw Women’s Team. Charlotte is out first. Nia Jax is out second. She tells Charlotte she isn’t going to follow her lead. Alicia Fox is on the team because they don’t have anyone else on their roster. The crowd goes wild after Bayley comes out. They won’t even let her get out her promo. Bunch of ass hats. The ass hats continue as Charlotte tries to introduce…drum roll please…Dana Brooke after she teased Sasha Banks. Michael Cole then has the job to introduce her. She tells Charlotte that she’s needs Banks to keep herself sharp.

The Ladies split into Face/Heel teams for a match. This match isn’t much more energetic than earlier bouts. Banks ends up having her back worked over. Bayley gets the hot tag. She gets to clean house on target. Brooke comes in and tosses Bayley shoulder first into the middle turn buckle. Chaos ensues with all the ladies getting involved. Charlotte accidentally booting Jax in the face sets up the Bayley to Belly over Charlotte. Another champion goes down overseas.

Lana introduces Rusev. Sami Zayn comes out to much fan fare. The winner of this match goes on to Survivor Series to take on Dolph Ziggler. A Fall Away Slam is what turned the tide for Rusev during the break. Rusev charges, Zayn ducks and Rusev spills outside. Zayn with the over the top rope flip. Rusev turns it back around with a swift kick to the head. Zayn runs into a leaping side kick from Rusev. Zayn catches Rusev with a Helluva Kick as he went to the top rope. Zayn is going to challenge Ziggler at SS. The IC Championship wasn’t going to Raw whether it was either man.

Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho attack Seth Rollins. Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns have a stare down in the ring. It resumes after a short interruption from Owens & Jericho. Rollins breaks a kendo stick on Strowman who didn’t go down. Strowman gets to clean house after they get back from break. He face plants Reigns. Jericho gets booted out of the sky. Everyone ends up getting their best shot in on Strowman to eliminate him from the ring. Reigns and Rollins have their own stare down. They take so long that Strowman recovers so they beat on him some more. Reigns & Rollins SHIELD power bobm thru a table is broken up by Owens & Jericho. Reigns gets tossed hard into the steps. Owens follows with a Cannonball. Rollins catches them off guard. He power bombs Jericho thru Strowman who was on a table. Rollins misses a Frog Splash. Owens goes for the Pop Up Power Bomb. It gets reversed into a Pedigree. Jericho pulls the referee out of the ring. Rollins Pedigrees Jericho. Owens side kicks him in the head. Reigns Superman Punches Owens. Owens falls onto Chris Jericho and is rewarded the win. That end was kind of fun but not worth the show these people just sat through. – Kevin DiFrango

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