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Saved from All rights to Gene Page/AMC.

Saved from All rights to Gene Page/AMC.

Kevin: Today has been crazier than expected. Good thing this review for The Walking Dead could be about the same length as last week’s.

Jeremy: I will disagree a bit on this one. This week placed in motion a bunch of new issues and got some pieces moving. last week literally nothing came form the Daryl episode.

Kevin: I will admit it did move things along more than the previous episode. I think what made me think of that though was the fact that they didn’t need an extra 25 minutes to get their various points across.

Jeremy: Yes, the extra 25 minutes didn’t really help. Of course I say that after thinking this was a pretty good episode. Normally with an extended episode something big happens. The only event that qualifies is Rick admitting he knows Judith isn’t his baby. I didn’t see that coming and really thought it was a dead issue.

Kevin: Because it was a dead issue, I really didn’t think much of him admitting to it. It’s not like Shane is even going to come back as a zombie. His wife is also dead so it’s really irrelevant unless your plan is to toss the kid to the zombies since it isn’t yours.

Jeremy: It was surprising because of that. It was a dead issue. The fact it was never addressed made it one of those open ended questions they finally rectified. Not exactly the type of shocking moment saved for an extended episode. I thought the show though did a good job balancing the dread of Negan while showing Alexandria hasn’t been broken.

Kevin: Which again, they could have done in way less time. Alexandria did pull a few tricky maneuvers like Rosita being the only person to remember that Eugene was ready to become a bullet factory by swiping a gun off of Dwight’s zombified friends and hiding it from Dwight even if she told him exactly what she did without spelling it out.

Jeremy: See I saw that scene and she wasn’t around for Ricks admonishment of the Alexandrians. I don’t think anyone has forgotten the bullet manufacturing but , if I recall, Rick and a few of the group knew. Rick is in no place to get the out and start making bullets. Rosita is placing Alexandria in danger now without even knowing how badly it could end up. I do like that they have shown some people will have some fight in them and are prepared to revolt. Even faceless characters we have never seen before are ready.

Kevin: Rosita is placing them in danger but if they are smart about their cover up, it can all work out. She already outsmarted them once. They also can’t be around all of the time to check things out. There are openings but I would think you’d want to have a cooperation phase before moving into the rebellion phase. Easy to say that when you’re not angry about your lover’s face being caved in by a barbed wire wrapped bat.

Jeremy: As the audience the urge is to say “Get on with it already.” Then you see Rick and all he is doing is trying to survive. he finally got broken down. I loved the lien about Negan saying he wouldn’t have messed with the old Rick. Thought that was a good contrast form what Rick was before Alexandria and his  current state. It was also telling at the end when Rick constantly mentioned numbers against Negan. They can fight and they will lose based purely on the amount of people. Rick isn’t much of a historian.

Kevin: Hell, they were out numbered when they raided Negan’s outpost and they didn’t have a problem with it. I’m not so sure that “Old Rick” would have done any better. How exactly were they going to get out of the driving scenario last year because of a beard? Nice line and dig at Rick but I’m not buying it’d change the outcome.

Jeremy: Possibly Rick doesn’t break with Negan and actually tried to kill him? Maybe he fights Negan’s group immediately and gets killed instead of sacrificing people? I also wonder if old Rick wouldn’t have been so confident the way new Rick was? I also thought it was a classic dick move making Rick carry around Lucille. Just neutering Rick in front of everyone.

Kevin: That is quite a dick move but it does beg the question, if you take Negan out, do the rest of them thank God that it happened or do they take you out and try to be the king? Because Rick did have a pretty big opening at the end when Negan was “working with him” to kill a zombie at the gate for a second time.

Jeremy: Funny I was thinking the same thing during that scene. Do they even allow him to swing Lucille or does he get shot down? In the grand scheme it feels like he has a definite sway on them and would certainly fight after he is dead.

Kevin: Off the bat (pun fully intended), I’d go with gunning Rick down but it would provide for a power struggle later because they haven’t really shown a No. 2 for Negan unless you count Dwight and I’m not one of those people who would.

Jeremy: Dwight is a beaten dog basically. His right hand is Simon who wasn’t with them. I get the feeling he has some sway but nothing like Negan. Speaking of Dwight, his character over the last few episodes has been uneven. He was conflicted last week and this week he was an over bearing jerk off.

Kevin: I can see that simply because he has been unrelenting about his torture of Daryl, which has been very consistent about. I think the inconsistency comes more from trying to bag Rosita. Last week, Negan offered him an orgy and he passed.

Jeremy: Even with the Daryl stuff he almost seemed  to be begging Daryl to give in and when he wouldn’t he tossed the picture in the hole.

Kevin: The picture was of Glenn with his head bashed in though so I wouldn’t exactly call that a nice photo to toss to the guy you’re trying to break.

Jeremy: That’s what I meant. When Daryl wouldn’t break down he gave him a glimpse of his future on top of possibly being one of the assholes on the fence.

Kevin: And he continued it this week by requesting Daryl’s bike which still doesn’t make much sense to drive since it attracts walkers. To me, that makes him an over bearing jerk off except for the Rosita part then.

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