Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 84 – Robots, Rugby, Fordlandia & Zealandia


Ken & Kevin are back again and they are talking about the future where there are robots that can serve as your personal assistant. Huh, that isn’t the future? That’s right now? What improvements has Boston Dynamics (see video above) made since we last talked about their invention? It’s jaw dropping what the robot can do so the hosts expound on it’s capabilities. They also go from that type of innovation, to a seldom used tactic in the rugby. What exactly did the Italians do to England that was innovative during the Six Nations Championship? Why does the tone of the article sound so different from what the announcers and referee had to say about this tactic? Did it really matter in the end since England still beat Italy for the 23rd consecutive time? The guys move on to talking about Fordlandia, which is in the heart of the Amazon. How interesting is it to see architectural from another era still preserved even if it’s over run by the Forest now? Why did Henry Ford want to establish this city in the first place? What were some of the rules that he ran the city on? Does anyone live there now? Could anyone have ever lived in what could be the 8th continent of Zealandia? How much fossil evidence may be possible in these areas that are around all of the continents? How many “true” islands are there on a map? The guys wrap up the show by reviewing the newly brewed Stunt Granny Pepper Porter which is now in at the Elevator Brewing Home Brew Competition. Join your friends for some fun!

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