Stunt Granny Audio 406 – Story Line Confusion, Dumpsters and TNA’s Dumpster Diving

Stunt Granny LLC/Kevin DiFrango

Chris & Kevin are back to talk about the oddity known as Payback. Is it a Raw PPV or a Smackdown Live one? Has the WWE helped muddy the waters even more by setting up new story lines before old ones conclude? Do we know yet if Bray Wyatt‘s rematch with Randy Orton in the House of Horros match going to be for the WWE Championship? Did Wyatt’s promo on Raw highlight the worst of what the WWE has done with him? Why does Orton already have two challengers in both Jinder Mahal and now Rusev? Why would the WWE undermine Mahal even before they built him up? Why not wait on Rusev’s promo until after Payback at least? Why hasn’t Paul Heyman been on TV to at least represent Brock Lesnar? How much is not having a the Universal Champion hurting Raw now that they’re separate brands? Is Braun Strowman losing the Dumpster match to Kalisto the best way to get across his mean streak? Has the conclusion of Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho become an after thought now that they’re on separate brands? Are the ladies fairing any better in this transition period after the shake up? Doesn’t it make sense for a fleeing heel like Alexa Bliss to leave the match as early as possible? Is it good that Becky Lynch didn’t help save Charlotte and Naomi from a beat down? Can your hosts beat down on TNA some more? Yes they can because they’ve brought back a bunch of has beens and never weres! So click on the link to enjoy the pinata that is TNA.

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