Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 85 – Dinner at Sea, Sharks, Tornadoes & Gold Coins

Stunt Granny LLC/Kevin DiFrango

Ken & Kevin are finally back after an unintended hiatus. They get to tackling all of the tough stories like The “Man Who Allegedly Swam Out to Sea So He Didn’t Have To Pay For Dinner” as the headline from Buzzfeed describes it. What is this man’s profession? Could he have been doing it for publicity? What exactly did he eat and how much was the tab? How could he go swimming with all of that food in his stomach? The guys stick to sea topics by talking about the sharks who bite the internet lines under water. Why are they biting the cables? Does it have anything to do with the fact that they can sense electromagnetic fields? Is it just straight out curiosity? And why does Kevin deny Ken from moving on to the next topic? The people we talked about next may be denied into any NOAA events for the stupidity they showed going into a tornado and filming it. Why would one think to film with a hand held camera while driving into a tornado? Is it okay to do something like this knowing it could mean death? How crazy does the footage look? There is no footage for a 221 pound gold coin being stolen from Bode Museum in Germany. How does something that is over two feet in diameter get stolen without being detected? Is it easier to sell $4.5 million worth of gold or a famous painting? Why is a coin that gold value only worth $1 according to the Royal Canadian Mint, who produced it? Why was something Canadian in Germany anyway? What was the Bell Time Beer of the Show? Find out when you click the link below!

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