Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #96

This week “We Watch Stuff” the boys talk some WrestleMania, Ghost in the Shell and get in to the diversity of Marvel comics. What was the best match on the show? What moment stood out the most? How weird will it be at next year’s WrestleMania with the Undertaker being absent? How bad is the FX Now app? Why do you need cable television in order to watch a show on their app? How can a company be progressive as well as stupid? Who do you prefer; Tony Stark or Riri Williams? Who the hell is Riri Williams? Lady Thor got ya down well you must be a sexist? Don’t like Riri Williams; well you must be racist. All this and more courtesy of David Gabriel. Hey you like Ghost in the Shell? Well how about a movie that half asses the idea ? Oh Shahid has some things to say so make sure and listen ok?

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