Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #108

“We Watch Stuff” is back this week talking about all of today’s important issues. The boys discuss national French fry day and why fast food joints don’t really count nowadays. Who orders four scoops of meat per bowl at Chipotle? Who hasn’t been to a Popeye’s Chicken before? Who had a traumatic experience at Burger King as a child? What surprise entrants  did WWE give the fans for the Mae Young Classic? Why Mae Young and not Moolah anyway? The boys also talk about the Entertainment Weekly photo spread for Black Panther while what the future has in store for Batman.  They of course talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming. Was Michael Keaton the best Marvel villain? What made this Spider-Man so much different than its predecessors? Could the movie be enjoyed differently by comic and noncomic fans? They cover all of this and a lot more gang and all you have to do is download and give a listen.


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