Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 92 – Lord of the Rings, Crows, Beer Fridge and Kennywood

The Silmarillion – The Lesser Valar by Wolfanita on

Ken & Kevin are back to talk about one of their favorite books, Lord of the Rings. More specifically about the retiring of Christopher Tolkien at age 93. What will happen with the Tolkien Estate? Will a movie finally be made about the Silmarillion? Is a TV deal in the works for LOTR? What other possibilities are out there for the estate to make money? Though Frodo never flew on a crow, that was the next topic of discussion. Could one train a crow to pick up cigarette butts in a large city? How smart are crows? What would their reward be? Are they smart enough to want a larger reward for their hassle? One man rewarded himself with free beer when he was locked in a beer fridge for an evening in Wisconsin. Can you actually have this accidentally happen or was this premeditated? How long was he actually in there? How many beers did he have during his time in the cooler? Ken & Kevin end the show talking about one of their childhood amusement parks, Kennywood. What supposedly happened to a man who went on Raging Rapids? Would you ride a ride that looked bad? What does the parasite do that he has contracted? Does this make you not want to go on a water ride any more? The guys wrap up with the Bell Time Beer of the week, which of course is mostly water. What is it? Click on the link below to find out!


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