Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 97 – Animals, Planes and Disco Balls

Kia DiFrango, silent co-host. Do I want to hear her talk? Stunt Granny LLC.

Ken & Kevin are back this week with a myriad of topics. They start by wondering how Kevin’s life would be different if he knew what his dog Kia was saying in a human language. How far away from fruition is this technology? Did the article we read hype up the time line? Do you really want to know what your dog is thinking when licking it’s butt? Or what it thinks of after eating poo? The guys move along to talk about a woman who got turned away by United Airlines because she had an emotional support peacock. Did she purchase a ticket for the peacock? How many times was she told the bird was not allowed to fly before she arrived at the airport? What interesting emotional support animal did Kevin have to deal with on vacation? Why was an exotic animal allowed in the hotel and not on this flight? Rocket Lab had their sights set on something strange in space too, a disco ball they dubbed “Humanity Star.” Why were a number of scientists upset that they launched this object into space? How much junk is in space already? Will this object come back down to Earth? Ken & Kevin come back down to airplane travel when talking about a woman who keeps sneaking onto flights without a ticket or a passport. Why is she doing this? How long has she been doing this? Would it help her if she had an emotional support animal? Their last topic of the night takes them back into space. Could astronauts soon be eating their own version of Vegemite? What is it made out of? And how is it broken down? The final word as always goes to the Bell Time Beer of the Week. Click on the link below to start the fun!

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