Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #145


This week the boys on “We Watch Stuff” are all over the place talking a little wrestling, Jurassic World and the newest movie coming down the pipe from Sony.  So who are the people criticizing Charlotte Flair’s appearance in ESPN The Magazine’s body issue? Are these the same people complaining that WWE doesn’t push their guy based on looks? What happened in their past that made Bayley give Sasha Banks one of the more effective beat downs in recent memory? How fast is Lio Rush?  SO what the hell happened with Jurassic World: Lost Kingdom? How can one movie be so disappointing? Who is to blame? Who wrote this movie so poorly? Does the world need a Mobius: The Living Vampire movie? Better yet does it need to be set in the Venomverse? How cool was the latest Predator trailer? Should this have been the first one released? All of this and so much more and all you have to do is listen.


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