Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 111 – Monopoly, Helicopter Escape, Mars and Remake of The Last Jedi?

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Ken & Kevin are back again and they are ready to talk about everyone’s favorite game in childhood, Monopoly at McDonald’s. Which one of your hosts thought it was rigged when he was a child? Who did the rigging though? How sophisticated was the system to choose the winner? How long did Jerome Jacobsen get away with this crime? Why was this crime forgotten about? How many crazy stories are involved in this tale? How much money in cash and prizes ended up being stolen? The guys move along to a criminal in France who escaped prison by way of helicopter. Isn’t this a break out that would only happen in the movies? Has Redoine Faid been inspired by movies to commit some of his own crimes? What was he guilty of? How is this his second escape from prison? Ken & Kevin fly in to space for their next topic. Do we actually have the technology to terraform Mars as Elon Musk has suggested? What is needed for his plan to work? While they’re at it, what is the core of Mars like? How would that play into any type of terraforming on the planet? The guys wrap up by talking about the effort of a certain group of people to remake The Last Jedi. How did your hosts enjoy that movie?  Do they feel like it needs remade? Why do the people “remaking” it think they’ll get the licensing rights to this multi-billion dollar franchise? Ken & Kevin definitely needed a Bell Time Beer to talk about that last topic. So click on the link for the drink that got them through it all.

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