Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 15 Oct. ’18

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The WWE starts us off with Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre. The WWE makes it clear that they have no concept of a “World Cup” by having three out of four qualifiers for the next set of spots go to Americans. They brag about breaking The Shield. They are certainly not being shy about promoting Crown Jewel. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins answer the call. Ziggler is ready to take a forfeit win over Dean Ambrose. Reigns & Rollins assure them that Ambrose will be there when it counts. Rollins then asks McIntyre for their match and it’s next!

At least the one whole World qualifier is in this match even though Scotland isn’t it’s own country. McIntyre catches Rollins on a suicide dive and gives him a reverse release suplex. McIntyre uncovers the ring structure. Ziggler comes out and distracts Rollins. McIntyre does something from under the ring to turn the tide. A superkick changes the tide back to Rollins favor. You get those sentences together when the commercial break is McIntyre’s offense. McIntyre tries to go for something on the top rope, it temporarily back fires. McIntyre sits up and tosses Rollins off the top. Top rope suplex by Rollins turns into a McIntyre Falcon Arrow. Cool switch up. An Enziguri is followed by a side kick to the head. Rollins has to fight off Ziggler. Suicide dive onto him & McIntyre. Dean Ambrose finally shows up when Ziggler interferes again. Rollins rolls back into the ring and McIntyre gets counted out after the fracis outside.

Dean Ambrose is still pissed at Rollins & Reigns.

Kane & Undertaker get their response to HBK & HHH in a Boiler Room. It’s a bunch of the regular mumbo jumbo mixed in with rebutting DX.

Ember Moon & Nia Jax are taking on Tamina & Dana Brooke. I end up having to explain most of these women to The Wife. The Samoan Drop on Jax by Tamina is the big move of the match. Brooke tags in when Tamina is hurting. Jax crushes her in the corner. Moon tags in to give Brooke the Eclipse for the win.

Ronda Rousey comes to the ring. She wants an explanation. The Bella Twins want their credit for being catalysts. Nikki Bella goes hard in the paint. She even mentions her record standing reign as champion. Rousey says there is no reason they couldn’t have worked together even though they’re different. Rousey tells them that they leeched off the names of their men. This fight is getting dirty. Brie Bella finally gets the mic. Rousey is jealous of them. The crowd really loves the line “You’ve only ever knocked down the door is to John Cena’s bedroom.” Just when Rousey is ready to attack, the Bellas trot out a security team. She takes them out in short order. The Bellas took off in the mean time.

Kurt Angle is ready to thank Stephanie because the vacation has lowered his stress to Chad Gable & Bobby Roode. No Way Jose sighting. Baron Corbin tells Angle he has a match against AoP.

Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler have their match. Ziggler getting tossed into the ring post gets my attention. Ambrose fires up after it. Ambrose with a chicken wing flap jack. Ziggler crotches Ambrose onto the top rope. Ambrose fights him off. Drew McIntyre comes out. Rollins makes the save. Ambrose dives onto McIntyre even though Rollins is fighting him. Ambrose rolls back in the ring. Superkick by Ziggler for the win. Rollins looks perplexed. Corbin comes out and makes a match between The Shield & Strowman/McIntyre/Ziggler.

Braun Strowman promises to dish out hands to Ziggler & McIntyre.

Finn Balor is taking on Jinder Mahal. Bayley is in Finn’s corner while Alicia Fox, Samir & Sunil Singh are Jinder’s corner. Coup De Grace in shirt order for the win.

Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush come out. There’s a lot of bold in this paragraph. Balor ends up doing nothing about it which disappoints me. Tyler Breeze has a match against him. Breeze gets an early flurry. Other than that, dominant win by Lashley. Lio Rush was annoying again on the mic during the match. I look forward to when he doesn’t do that any more.

Trish Stratus & Lita come out to talk Evolution. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James come out to mock them. They also rightly point out that they’re current competitors, not retired has beens. Trish & Lita do an Allen Iverson impersonation. They say if they want practice, they’re welcome to the ring. Bliss & James march halfway down to the ring then turn around.

The Riott Squad takes turns mocking Bayley who may just have a link to the announced right afterwards that involves Ruby Riott & Natalya.

Rezar & Akam are ready to take out “Kurt Angle” who is dressed up as El Conquistador. AoP makes short work of him. Angle comes out and Angle Slams Corbin on the stage.

The Riott Squad is throwing ketchup & Mustard on Natalya’s door. PG, ladies & gentlemen. Natalya comes out and introduces Bayley. Then the surprise of Sasha Banks is revealed. Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan are at ring side. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter. Logan attacks Natalya for the DQ. The Riott Squad gets the upper hand early but Banks, Bayley & Nattie clean house in the end.

Elias keeps on getting the “Wlak With Elias” and the boos. Apollo Crews interrupts him. He wants some of the spot light that Elias has. He’s fed up with sitting in the back. They end up getting in a scuffle.Crews presses Elias and holds him there fro a while before dropping him.

The Six Man tag match is the main event. Dissension is in both camps during the match itself too. Reigns has the Claymore & Zig Zag put on him but Ambrose & Rollins save him. Reigns upper cuts McIntyre to creat an openign to tag out. Rollins tags in. He tags in Ambrose early then they both attack Ziggler & McIntyre. Theyt suicide dive onto them. Rollins & Ambrose go after Strowman but get caught. Reigns Superman Punches Strowman. Ambrose & Rollins are back in the ring. Ambrose is going for a pin and Ziggler pushes Rollins into Ambrose. They end up fighting. Ziggler takes advantage and only gets a near fall from a Zig Zag. Lots of bodies are still involved. McIntyre takes out Strowman with a Claymore Kick when Reigns dodges. Reigns spears McIntyre. Triple Power Bomb on Ziggler for the cover by Ambrose. After the match, Strowman power slams Ziggler. McIntyre connects with a Claymore Kick on purpose this time. Fun ending to the night. – Kevin DiFrango

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