Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 26 Nov. ’18

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The WWE starts us off with Baron Corbin who is flanked by Bobby Lashley, Lio Rush and Drew McIntyre. Corbin runs down the crowd with stale Thanksgiving tropes. Lashley said something. McIntyre is proud of the beating they gave Braun Strowman last week. Strowman gets a video. He’s ready for vengeance. Corbin says that their match at TLC is still going to happen. If Strowman can’t make it, Corbin will win and become permanent GM. Elias saves us from boredom. He has a special song for Lashley. It’s an easy refrain for people to chant “Bobby Lashley Sucks!”

They have a match after a commercial. Corbin & McIntyre remain at ring side. Elias might be the smartest face of all time by not going outside when he’s out numbered. Lashley drags Elias outside. Corbin & McIntyre leave him alone but stay near him and talk trash. Elias comes back after another break. Elias gets two from the big elbow. Rush drags the referee outside. He calls for the DQ. Corbin restarts the match as a No DQ match. Elias gets the Strowman treatment. At least somethings still get boos, like assaulting an out numbered opponent. Lashley wins.

Corbin fired whoever turned out the lights for Elias. Alexa Bliss is ready to serve him. She’s going to oversee the women’s division. That concussion stuff is some serious business.

Dean Ambrose is afraid of catching the flu from the fans. He’s getting shots for various maladies like rabies. He even gets one in the ass. I mean, why is this being made funny? Ambrose is doing a great job of heeling. No need for jokes. Renee Young, still wearing rings. Couldn’t figure that out last week. She’s still clueless on his mind set.

The Lucha House Party is ready to take on The Revival again. Can someone please note that Six Man matches are common in Mexico? The Revival don’t want a 3 on 2 match. Much to their surprise, those are the rules again. It is strange that they’re baby faces. It’s not 3 on 1 like the opening segment but it is an unfair advantage. Lucha House Party wins.

Lars Sullivan is a free agent for each of the whole two brands.

So do the people like Nia Jax who benefit from legitimately injuring numerous people feel bad? I know it’s their job and they get paid but is there something in the back of their minds that doubt doing this angle? Ronda Rousey‘s career has gone down hill since their meeting at Money In The Bank. Jax does an “impersonation” of Rousey. So let me get this straight, she injures people in the ring and is terrible on the mic? What’s not to like about her. She’s delusional enough to believe that she’s on top of the mountain. Rousey comes out and flubs her opening line. Her reset isn’t going well either. Rousey asks Jax if she wants her shot tonight instead of waiting until TLC. Jax isn’t taking the bait. Tamina comes up from behind on Rousey. Natalya comes out to male the save. She gets ambushed by The Riott Squad. Rousey chases them off. Cool intersection of women’s story lines.

Drake Maverick was scared to be choked by Big Show. He warns Bobby Roode & Chad Gable of their impending beating. Roode & Gable get serious in their interview. They want to make the tag team division “Glorious.” Akam & Rezar are waiting in the ring. Rezar double suplexes Roode & Gable. Maverick leaves with Roode’s robe on. For some reason, cameras followed Maverick to the men’s restroom. They should be able to follow a fight back stage if they follow this nonsense. Rezar misses a big boot. Roode drags him to the other side of the ring. Maverick comes back on screen. He puts the robe in the toilet and pees on it. Rezar recovers. Sit Down Power Bomb/Neck Breaker for the AoP win.

Sasha Banks & Bayley are complimented by Alexa Bliss. She wants them to have an open forum with the fans in the ring. Bliss says no strings are attached.

Finn Balor knows there will be consequences for going against Baron Corbin. He’s going to fight for what he sees as the right side of history.

Ember Moon is out at ring side with Curt Hawkins who replaced the injured Strowman. Alicia Fox is still with Jinder Mahal & the Singh Brothers. Weirdly, Renee Young & Corey Graves are advocating for Bliss to be the leader of the women’s division and Hawkins breaking his losing streak. It distracts me from the match. Eclipse for the win.

No Way Jose came out after the win because he’s taking on Mahal. What? Why is Hawkins on the side line? I mean, it’d prove the loser story for Mix Match Challenge. The weird bickering among the announcers continues but involves Sunil & Sumir Singh. Khallas for the win. Seriously, why didn’t Hawkins take that L? The WWE isn’t ruining Jose’s career with that loss but it seems dumb to put him in that spot.

Seth Rollins is done chasing Ambrose for answers. He throws down the Open Challenge which was up earlier in the day. Dolph Ziggler answers the call. Ziggler low drop kicks Rollins into the turn buckle to turn the momentum. The announcers are again being weird. Michael Cole is taking a verbal beating from Grave s& Young tonight. Both of them argue for Rollins having a fractured pyschy because of the split with Ambrose but think Ziggler should be fine after his split with McIntyre. If they had used a line of logic other than “Ziggler has done it before on his own” I might have bought it. Rollins has done it on his own too. Rollins finally turns it around in the ring. Ziggler crothces Rollins on the top rope. Rollins blocks a Superplex. Rollins comes up empty on a frog splash. Fame Asser only gets two for Ziggler. Dolph gets in a one legged small package. Rollins falls back on Ziggler who was giving him a sleeper. Ziggler avoids a pair of Stomps. Zig Zag only gets a two count for Ziggler. Rollins with a one legged Small package too. DDT by Ziggler. He goes to the top rope. Rollins with the Superplex/Flacon Arrow combo for the win.

Alexa Bliss is hosting the fan forum for Sasha Banks & Bayley. She takes her time to insult the crowd. The plants asks how they’d change the women’s division. That seems like a prime time to say women’s tag team championships, right? Sasha wants to trade Bliss back to Smackdown Live. Dana Brooke, Mickie James and Alicia Fox attack Banks & Bayley but they stand tall. If there’s only one plant question, how is that not an answer when they even referred to each other as tag team partners?

Finn Balor is taking on Baron Corbin. Renee Young finally disagrees with Graves tonight. She points out that Baron Corbin (or any other GM for that matter) doesn’t sign the checks. Corbin is working over Balor early. Corbin punches Balor on a sling shot. A Double Leg Take Down by Balor brings interest back to the match. A double Stomp follows. Balor follows up with a Sling Blade. Balor charges again and gets Deep Sixed. Corbin rolls out fo the ring away from a Coup De Grace. Corbin makes it a two on one hand capped match. Drew McIntyre is his partner. Balor jumps on Corbin. Flip dives onto McIntyre. Balor drop kicks Corbin into the ring announcers area. Claymore for the win. Bobby Lashley comes out and attacks Balor. They each get a finisher on Balor. I was waiting for more show but only got whatever this country show is. – Kevin DiFrango

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