Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 10 Dec. ’18

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The WWE starts us off with Seth Rollins. He invites GM Elect Baron Corbin to the ring to get some realities. Naturally, Rollins isn’t happy with the direction Raw has been heading. Everyone agrees with him because this show has been a dumpster fire since he became GM Elect. Rollins asks for a reason  Lucha House Party rules, peeing on robes and other recent terrible segments. Yuck, Rollins gets on the “No Brock Lesnar at Raw weekly” bandwagon. I’m assuming that means he’s losing to Ambrose, which I kind of expected anyway. Corbin doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. Corbin is ready to put Rollins through Hell after he becomes full time GM. Rollins wants a match against Corbin. Rollins then asks for a TLC Match tonight. Corbin turns him down. Rollins keeps calling him a coward. Corbin makes an Intercontinental Title for Rollins against an unknown opponent that I expect to be Drew McIntyre or Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable are taking on AoP & Drake Maverick for the Tag Team Titles. Roode being pinned by Maverick was the lowest point of his career. He must have forgotten some of that TNA work. Roode & Gable start off hot. So glad that Michael Cole pointed out that Ronda Rousey was also undefeated to debunk Maverick as the only undefeated wrestler on the roster. Gable gets the beat down. He gets an opening when Maverick gets too cocky. Roode has a short lived hot tag. Akam & Rezar go for the Super Collider. Roode takes the power bomb but Gable rolls through. He ends up getting a boot to the face and AoP’s attention. Maverick asks for the tag in. He mocks Roode then gets rolled up by Roode for the win. Roode & Gable are your new Tag Team Champions. I like them but it’s a weird change to me.

They get an interview backstage. I should mention that I like them getting on the same page gear wise. Really helps.

Natalya is out to talk about her Tables match with Ruby Riott at TLC on Sunday. She’s dedicating the match to her father Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Ruby Riott comes out and tells Nattie that she’s crying every week on Raw so it’s nothing new. Riott tells her that she’s disgusted by the Hart family. Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan unveil a table with a giant Anvil on it. The announcers try to sell it as super mean plot by the Riott Squad falls flat on me.

Dolph Ziggler brags about his win over Drew McIntyre last week. He doesn’t want Finn Balor’s help. He tells McIntyre not to think of him as Balor because that’s why he lost last week. Drew McIntyre is interviewed after his entrance in the ring. He knows that no one stays undefeated. McIntyre is ready to take down Balor at TLC. He’s also ready to take out Ziggler tonight. McIntyre gets the upper hand early and stays on top. McIntyre side drops him from the top rope. Ziggler moves out of the way of a charging McIntyre so that he smacks the ring post. McIntyre gets back inside at 9. Ziggler can’t execute the super kick finish of last week.McIntyre starts pie facing Ziggler. Zig Zag gets a two count. Ziggler goes for the Super Kick. Claymore Kick for the McIntyre win instead. McIntyre attacks Ziggler after the match. Adam Pearce gets more TV time.

Bayley is taking on Alicia Fox. Sasha Banks is at ring side. So is Jinder Mahal and Sumir & Sunil Singh. The digital ink spilled will not be great on this match. Well, I could be wrong quickly. Sumir & Sunil distract Bayley. Apollo Crews hits the ring. There’s some comedy on how the Singhs are taken out. Not so much with Mahal. Bayley gives Fox the Bayley to Belly to win after the chaos.

Dean Ambrose apparently still thinks he’s Bane. Ambrose talks about how big Rollins ego is. He always needed to take the spot light away which is why he’s called the Architect. Ambrose said Rollins has no plan right now because he’s rattled. Charley Caruso shows him a video package for some reason. It’s just a recap of the feud. Why are you expecting more words from him? Ambrose has no response but makes plenty of faces.

Elias graces us with his presence. He makes fun of San Diego and Bobby Lashley in one fell swoop. He feels bad about smashing a small child with his guitar. Before he wrestles Lio Rush, he has a song for us. Bobby Lashley thankfully ends this nonsense because the music still isn’t any good. Heath Slater comes out as an official. Rush gets to bump like a mad man. Lashley gets involved in the match. Rush gets to use his speed to get in some offense. Sit Down Power Bomb looks to get the win when Lashley interferes. Lashley yells at Slater. He backs off the DQ call. Rush gets the pin fall win after Lashley smashes the guitar on Elias’s back. Michael Cole now saying that the product on TV is terrible. Great. How do you think we feel?

Baron Corbin tells Heath Slater that he has another match to ref tonight. Fantastic. Can’t wait for him in the Seth Rollins match.

Alexa Bliss comes out to moderate for Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey. Jax brings Tamina to the ring. Jax doesn’t talk trash because she’s a Samoan woman but then spends the next four minutes talking trash. I mean, really? Do the writers read what they write before they give it to the wrestlers? Ronda Rousey comes out and talks no trash and just wants to fight. Tamina & Jax surround her. Ember Moon comes out for the save.

Ember Moon & Tamina have a match so that no one in the match on Sunday has to lose. Tamina gets in more offense than I’d care to type about. A power slam ends an early Moon come back. Moon gives Tamina a Lawn Mower. Rousey takes out Jax.  Eclipse by Moon for the win.

Charley gets to interview GM Elect Baron Corbin. He correctly points out that this case isn’t an abuse of power because Rollins suggested the match.

Lars Sullivan is clearly waiting for TLC to happen before gracing us with his visage.

Seth Rollins comes out for the match first. Corbin gets the early upper hand. Corbin loses it when he orders Heath Slater to get him a ladder. Corbin is swinging a chair on Rollins back. The WWE thinks I’m going to believe Corbin is going to become the IC Champion. That’s funny. Corbin is taking control for the third time in the match though. We’re heading into the last portion of the match with a Corbin Deep Six. Corbin goes for hsi around the ring post move a second time and gets caught by Rollins. He starts lighting up Corbin with a chair. Rollins get caught going for a suicide dive. Corbin Choke Slams Rollins through a table. Corbin takes his sweet time setting up a ladder. Rollins stops him with a chair. He accidentally cracks Slater. Corbin goes for End of Days but Rollins flips out of it. Corbin runs into the stairs. Rollins sets him up on the a table. Rollins frog splashes him from the top rope. Rollins goes up the ladder. Slater pushes him off of it. Slater drags Corbin back into the ring. It takes too long. Rollins Buckle Bombs Corbin through another  table. Rollins super kicks Slater. He then Stomps Corbin under the ladder. Rollins grabs the IC Title for the win. Dean Ambrose comes out and menaces Rollins. Decent finish. Not the biggest fan of the build up. – Kevin DiFrango

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