Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 25 Feb. ’19

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Roman Reigns kicks off the show in video package and person. I stayed away from the social media to wait to hear Reigns’ announcement somewhat live. Great to hear that he’s in remission. He does not mention a return time table.

Aleister Black and Ricochet are still on Raw. Light years better introduction than the previous six NXT call ups. I’m not sure the others had the potential of these four, but that doesn’t man they weren’t handled poorly. The Revival is another example of a poor call up from NXT. The WWE finally gives them the Tag Titles and they’re going to lose two straight. No automatic rematch clause but we’re going to keep showing Bobby Roode & Chad Gable during the Revival’s matches just for shits and giggles. Blackmas in short order for the win. Like I already typed, light years better introduction for these two.

Baron Corbin is still gracing our TV’s. Why is he getting a feud with Roman Reigns? Are you fucking serious? I need a beer.

Elias gets interrupted by Lacey Evans. Her introduction has been the best of the previous six but why hasn’t she seen in ring work? Dean Ambrose then interrupts Elias then. Ambrose wants a rematch with Drew McIntyre but No DQ this time. I’m not sure why people still get suckered in by Elias’ compliment/insult of the city. Elias swings the guitar at Ambrose. Ambrose ducks and gives him Dirty Deeds.

The Riott Squad comes out for a match against Ronda Rousey & Natalya. Sarah Logan starts off against Nattie. Interesting enough, Ruby Riott is her tag team partner. Liv Morgan gets involved by dragging Nattie outside the ring. Logan takes advantage of the move even though Morgan gets flattened by Rousey. Logan locks in a modified standing clover leaf. Rousey dodges an attack from Logan. I’m glad I’ve seen that recently. It’s a heel tactic that should only work when someone isn’t paying attention. Rousey gets a hot tag and clear ths ring. Riott saves Logan from being pinned. Nattie takes out Riott. Becky Lynch comes out and attacks Nattie for the DQ. Adam Pearce starts to make ground on Wrestlemania sign pointing. WM sign points 6, Pearce appearances 3.

Ronda Rousey calls out Vince McMahon. She gets Stephanie McMahon instead. Stephanie tries to make us believe that being arrested means something in professional wrestling. Ronda is making a passionate plea to get Becky into the match but Stephanie keeps shutting her down at every turn. Ronda drops the Raw Women’s Title and leaves after saying that Vince needs to make the “right” decision. She’s really good at her job even if she flubs some lines from time to time.

Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers are back on Raw. He makes a challenge to anyone who was invited to Ric Flair’s birthday party since he wasn’t. Kurt Angle answers the call. I’ve already checked out of this match. Ankle Lock for the win. It still lasted longer than I wanted it to. Sumir & Sunil Singh both get German Suplexed after the match.

Alexa Bliss comes out for A Moment of Bliss. She wants the red carpet Ronda came in on to hit her on the back side on the way out of WWE. She announces Finn Balor as her guest. She starts flirting with Balor by talking about his abs. Bliss is ready to make a deal when Lio Rush comes out. Balor ends up offering Rush a match for the Intercontinental Title. Rush balks at first but ends up getting goaded into it by Bliss.

They have their match after a commercial. Balor goes for the soccer kicks when Rush drop kicks his legs out from under him. Rush hits a pair of suicide dives. Rush goes for a frog splash but Balor gets his knees up. Rush ends up going after Balor’s injured knee. Balor is favors the leg but takes the offense back over. Low enziguri gets Rush a two count. Balor clothes lines Rush but has a hard time getting to the top rope. Rush rolls up Balor for two. Rush then goes after the leg again. Balor gives Rush an inverted Brain Buster. Coup De Grace for the win.

Tucker runs into Viktor & Conner. Tucker says that The Ascension is smarter than Otis. I never thought they were smart. Otis wonders in. We get a recap of the insults. Otis plows into them and walks away with Tucker. See my notes above about presentation of the previous 6 call ups. At least these two are on TV but just wow, that’s terrible presentation.

Bobby Lashley is yelling at Lio Rush. He just needed to get Lashley a title shot and didn’t. Lashley asks Rush if he can trust him still. Rush sheepishly says yes. Braun Strowman comes down. Lashley attacks as he steps into the ring. Lashley maintain the advantage early. Strowman turns it around. Strowman runs over Lashley & Rush into the barricade. No match is had. Segment is over though.

Seth Rollins is excited about fighting Brock Lesnar still. He is pumped to have Roman Reigns back.

Dean Ambrose is out for his match against Drew McIntyre. Ambrose meets him on his way to the ring. The bell rings so we have a match this time around. Ambrose drops McIntyre with an elbow drop from the top rope to the floor. McIntyre runs himself into the steps. Ambrose whips McIntyre with a belt. The Glasgow Kiss turns the momentum. McIntyre charges with the stairs but Ambrose gives him a drop toe hold. Elias cracks Ambrose with a guitar. Claymore Kick for the win. Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley come out and start to destroy Ambrose. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns make the save. Poor Dean has to lay in a heap in the corner the whole time. Ambrose does recover enough while they’re on the ramp to give them a wry smile.

Bayley has a match against Nia Jax. Bayley uses Jax’s momentum to hip toss her. Jax takes over with her size and strength advantage. Bayley runs over Bayley after she got a brief moment of offense. Sasha Banks goes to talk to a downed Banks. Jax grabs Banks’ hair. Bayley capitalizes with a knee to the head. Tamina charges at Banks who dodges causing Tamina to hit the stairs. Bayley with a top rope elbow for the win.

HHH & Stephanie come out to kick off the 70th Birthday Party of Ric Flair. After a video package and a whole lot of pomp & circumstance, we see Dave Batista back stage. He drags out a lip Ric Flair. Batista asks if he has HHH’s attention now. Cool.

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