Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 10 June ’19

San Jose City Hall. Designed by Richard Meier. Picture by Andy Nguyen by way of

Seth Rollins comes out first and talks about Brock Lesnar. Since Lesnar doesn’t like San Jose, Baron Corbin comes out for a rebuttal. He mostly gets booed. Corbin does think he deserves a rematch because he lost to Rollins at Super Showdown. Sami Zayn comes out to say his piece. He wants Rollins to stop escalating with Lesnar. Zayn is expecting to get a favor out of Corbin for helping him. Kevin Owens is a “wild card” but says “whatever that means.” It’s really not a good sign when your talent, on air, makes fun of one of your new concepts. If it was meant to be a heel type of thing, I’m thinking it fell short of the target.

Lars Sullivan gets to beat Lucha House Party, one by one in an elimination match. Kalisto gets to lose first to a Freak Accident. Lince Dorado gets to take a power bomb for the second loss. Gran Metalik gets left laying in the ring. Sullivan then beats up Kalisto & Dorado again. Sullivan goes back into the ring for a flying head butt win. A hat trick of victories.

Becky Lynch & Lacey Evans have dual sitting, on the Titantron interview. Becky just has a better character at this point so her talking is better. Plus, she doesn’t have to have a fake accent. Evans best point is that fear of losing her status and being relegated to the bottom of the card

Alexa Bliss makes up to Nikki Cross by telling her about the time Bayley was “mean” to her when she came to NXT. I’m not sure where this weird relationship is going. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad.

The Miz has Samoa Joe on Miz TV tonight. The show is a thinly veiled way of showing who the possible challengers for Samoa Joe should be. Braun Strowman was the first. Ricochet was second. I’d call Miz the third possibility. They were obviously followed by their heel counter parts, Bobby Lashley and Cesaro. It ends up in a big brawl which I’m expecting to be a match.

Strowman starts against Lashley. The Miz tags in so that the faces can appear to be in peril. He doesn’t take much of a beating but does tag in Ricochet to get the action moving. Ricochet is taking a beating after a break. The Miz gets a hit tag only to get beat down again. Cesaro goes for an extra long Big Swing. It works against him more than for him. Samoa Joe gets grabbed by Strowman. He leaves the match. Strowman gets Speared by Lashley going after Joe. The Miz gets the Skull Crushing Finale. Ricochet tags in. 630 for the win. It looks quite possible Cesaro was actually hurt from a miss aim on Ricochet’s part.

Baron Corbin needs more TV time. Heavy dose of sarcasm. He hasn’t picked his guest referee for his rematch against Seth Rollins.

I finally caught up some by blowing through the entrances for ladies. Bayley is the only one who hasn’t been on TV yet. She gets the home town cheers naturally. I guess since she is in her home town, Lynch gets to take a prolonged beating. Lynch rolls away from an Evans moonsault attempt to create an opening. Bayley & Bliss clash. Lynch goes after Evans on the outside. Cross gets used as a shield. Woman’s Right to Lynch which she sells like a champ. Bayley takes advantage in the ring and rolls up Bliss. She kicks off Bayley. Woman’s Right to Bayley. Bliss goes for Twisted Bliss. Bayley gets the knees up. Evans had tagged in while Bliss was climbing the ropes. I rewound to see. The camera cuts right when she possibly did it. Woman’s Right for the win.

Shane McMahon gets an audience from Sami Zayn. He wants to be referee tonight so he can go on to be a referee at Stomping Grounds. I mean, I get it but it’s still weird that a wrestler wants to be a referee for an extended period of time.

Paul Heyman informs us that Brock Lesnar is going to hold onto the Money In The Bank Briefcase.

R Truth is still stuck in an elevator with Carmella, EC3, Drake Maverick, Cedric Alexander and Heath Slater.

The IIconics bring in the “toughest” competition. I appreciate the Sharks burn. Even the announcers don’t know the name of the enhancement talent. The IIconics win. The announcers spent the entire match telling us how bereft of talent the women’s tag team division is.

Shane McMahon comes out with Drew McIntyre to celebrate his win over Roman Reigns. The sarcasm is dripping off all of his words that compliment Reigns. If Reigns gets to beat McIntyre just to get back at Shane, I might still watch this dreck. McIntyre is going to make Reigns FUBAR. The Revival join the celebration. They only get to drink with Shane & Drew if they win the Tag Team Titles.

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins get a promo just to prove they’re still the champs. The Usos are the third team involved in the match. Ryder & Hawkins get to show off a good tag move which a neck breaker combo. Ryder gets a Rough Ryder on Jimmy. Jey tags in. He goes all Young Bucks on everyone. Splash on Ryder but Scott Dawson had tagged in. Dash Wilder grabs Jey’s leg. Dawson makes the pin for the win.

Seth Rollins is ready for all of the possibilities that can happen tonight. Much more defiant than last week. I like it.

R Truth finally gets out of the elevator. It does no one, no good. Truth gets pulled back into elevator by Carmella.

Another edition of the Firefly Funhouse. Bray Wyatt is doing handy work at the house this week. Rambling Rabbit is freaked out by Mercy the Vulture who wants to eat him again. So Rambling Rabbit is like their version on Kenny from South Park?

Sami Zayn slows the start of the match by defining what he can do as outside referee. He ends by checking Rollins for foreign objects. Zayn continues to slow Rollins attack. Owens works over Rollins injured ribs. A Sling Blade only slows the onslaught. Rollins gets his knees up on a Swanton attempt. Rollins gets stopped going for a suicide dive. They trade blows ending with a Rollins enziguri. Zayn gets back in the ring to check on Owens. He rolls up Rollins for two. Rollins dives onto Owens & Zayn. Rollins stomps Owens. John Cone is counting when Zayn pulls him out of the ring. Zayn & Rollins argue. Rollins puts his hands on Zayn who calls for the DQ. Rollins pops Zayn after the call. Baron Corbin comes out but can’t take advantage as usual. Rollins lays out Zayn with a chair. Rollins caps off the beating with a Stomp.

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