Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 24 June ’19

The Bullitt Center in Seattle WA because Everett WA doesn’t have squat. Saved from Photo Credit: Nic Lehoux.

Seth Rollins starts off the show. Becky Lynch‘s music hits. They talk about their individual and joint accomplishments. It only makes me fear what I had read about this feud going even longer for both of them. Lacey Evans sneak attacks Lynch after Baron Corbin distracts them talking on the stage. We get a Winners Take All stipulation. Well, at least the feuds will end at Extreme Rules.

We also get to confirm the rumor of Vince McMahon doesn’t want wrestling during commercial breaks. We have an Elimination style match with New Day & The Usos vs The Revival and Daniel Bryan & Rowan. The WWE has hated Elimination style matches for pretty much since I’ve been watching. Daniel Bryan accidentally suicide dives into Dash Wilder. The match moves along until Wilder fires back at Bryan. Xavier Woods pins Bryan from the interference. The Revival quickly even the odds with a nearly instant Shatter Machine. We indeed get the commercial break before they reset the match. The Revival can’t keep track of which Uso is in the match. Scott Dawson superplexes Jimmy. Jey jumps off of Wilder’s back for a Splash and the victory.

Braun Strowman was pulling a full big rig to practice for a tug of war with Bobby Lashley later tonight.

The Miz sets up an interview with R Truth who is yet again 24/7 Champion. Carmella joins him as usual. The Miz wonders why he had to attack Drake Maverick at his wedding. Truth just says it’s been crazy defending it because he can’t eat, sleep or be merry. Maverick comes out and tells Truth that he wrecked his marriage. Maverick challenges Truth to a match. The Miz says that the rules of the 24/7 Title will continue to be suspended during the match.

Lie Detector as soon as the match starts for the win. Titus O’Neil and a slew of super stars come out to try and attack Truth. The mob ends up fighting amongst themselves to let Truth & Carmella get away. Charley Caruso asks Drake Maverick will do moving forward.

We need more Lacey Evans & Baron Corbin so we get. They both want to be champ. Corbin posits that they could be the next power couple. Evans acts like it might happen which shouldn’t really fit her character’s personality.

Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre are taking on Roman Reigns in a 2 on 1 match. I was shocked that Roman Reigns was taking a beating. Shane even lifted up a flattened Reigns to take a second Claymore. Shane was ready to go coast to coast when The Undertaker’s gong hits. Taker shows up in the ring and dispatches of Shane then McIntyre. When you can’t have Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins make the save, I suppose you call Undertaker.

We get a video of Bobby Lashley breaking a large rope while trying to pull down a telephone pole. The Tug of War between him and Strowman commences. Strowman plays possum until he’s close to the line. Strowman yanks on him but Lashley uses the momentum to attack Strowman. Lashley wraps the rope over Strowman’s eyes and pulls. Strowman knocks down a charging Lashley. Strowman’s compromised eyes cost him the fight though.

Charley wonders about AJ Styles injury but then interrupts with a follow up question. The Club is in the Conga Line. Styles gives them the same speech. Karl Anderson makes a few jokes. Luke Gallows gets serious and tells Styles that they’ll prove it against the Viking Raiders.

Though Gallows & Anderson had a few glimpses of hope, Erik & Ivar made short work of them. The Viking Experience for the win. Gallows acts frustrated after the match. AJ Styles is frustrated in the back.

Nikki Cross apologizes to Alexa Bliss about costing them their tag match. Bliss keeps running the the deceitful Bayley stuff. Cross leaves seemingly under Bliss’s direction. Cross is talking to Natalya & Naomi after the break. Bliss comes in and causes a ruckus. I think we’re getting a Naomi vs Bliss match later tonight.

New woman interviews Ricochet. He thanks everyone for their support. He’s honored to fight AJ Styles because he is an idol of Ricochet’s.

Charley is ready to interview Kofi Kingston in the ring. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens show up to ask their own questions. Zayn calls him a paper champion. Kofi points out that he’s won his two defenses on his own. It is a stupid line of logic the day after a cage match. Corey Graves logic during this match is mind numbing. First, he’s worried about Kingston’s reign not being long enough. It’s already been three months which is a decent reign. Graves follows up with one I’ve never experienced. Though I may have tussled some with my brothers in our youth, pretty much junior high on forward was smooth sailing. Zayn is in control of the match. Kofi reverses out of a Blue Thunder Bomb into a roll up for the win.

Kevin Owens challenges Kofi to another match. Kofi is truly an idiot for accepting. Kofi is getting beat down again. Kofi gives Owens an SOS on the outside ramp. Owens gets counted out. Kofi celebrates on the way up the ramp. Samoa Joe attacks. He lost the US Championship to go after a bigger prize.

Alexa Bliss and Naomi have their match. Naomi gives Cross a drop kick through the ropes for no reason. Bliss catches her with a DDT on her way back into the ring. Bliss wins. Bliss attacks Naomi after the match. Bliss asks Cross to attack Naomi. She tosses down both Bliss & Naomi. Natalya makes the save.

A tag team match is made between the four women. Bliss works over Natalya. Nattie slams Bliss to change the momentum. Bliss kicks off of a Sharpshooter. Cross gets the hot tag and starts cleaning house. Natalya pushes Nikki into the corner. Bliss tags in but waits for what feels like forever. Nikki gives Nattie a swinging neck breaker. Bliss makes the pin for the official win.

Ricochet & AJ Styles have their match. Styles catches Ricochet being too cute. Anderson & Gallows come down just so there’s a break in the match. So. Fucking. Stupid. Styles orders them away from ring side. I’ll have to keep on wondering if they will cost him the match or help him get the win. Much to my surprise, they didn’t show up again. Styles & Ricochet had a very back and forth match with no one having sustained offense. A Phenomenal Forearm gets the win after a missed 630. Really good match but I don’t get the champ losing his first match with the title even if it was AJ Styles.

Kevin DiFrango

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