Stunt Granny Audio 521 – NXT, AEW & Football

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Kevin & Jeremy are up to some hi-jinks this week as an impromptu duo on the show. They re-visit NXT getting it’s own TV spot. What concerns does Jeremy have about the brand moving to TV? Can NXT ever be called a developmental league after this? Will it help Johnny Gargano & Adam Cole out without having to move to the main roster? Does it matter if you watch AEW or NXT live? Will Jeremy be attending AEW if they come to Charlotte? Does Columbus have the right sized venue for AEW to perform at? Will NXT performers benefit from not having Vince McMahon misunderstand their characters like he did with Bayley & Sasha Banks as just a couple of examples? How did the guys transition from wrestling talk to talking about Pitt, Penn State, Michigan, Antonio Brown and Andrew Luck? Find out by clicking the link below.

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