Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 9 Sept. ’19

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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is still quite popular. He gets to babble even when not stretching a segment. Austin gets around to introducing Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins. Seth starts gabbing before signing the contract. And he gabs some more after Austin pushes the signing again. Strowman gets promo time before he signs the contract. Nothing too special going on for him either. They sign the contract. AJ Styles and The OC come out and complain. More of the same from them too. Styles does pick on Austin more than Rollins or Strowman. Austin moves the table and the brawl ensues. Rollins & Strowman take out The OC. Styles is in the ring bragging while Austin lies in wait. After AJ takes the Stunner, I showed The Wife The Rock selling the Stunner since he is the king of it.

Cedric Alexander comes out and attacks a still dazed Styles. He gets to capitalize. His flip dive is a thing of beauty. Styles hangs Alexander’s arm over the top rope to turn things around. His offense happens during the break. Alexander starts a come back. He gets a close call. Out come Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. That causes a DQ. They continue to beat down Alexander. The Viking Raiders come out and squash The OC.

Bayley going heel could be good. I already like her short work with Sasha Banks in their mini promo. Becky Lynch & Charlotte just stare at each other while preparing for their tag match with the other two ladies. Bayley & Banks come out second. Charlotte & Becky don’t wait for them to get into the ring to attack. The announcers talk about how these four were the Four Horsewomen. It’s been pretty obvious why they’re all on top of the card. Sasha with a Meteora on the outside is the first big move that gets my attention. It also leads to a commercial break. Charlotte was the seller in this match. Lynch gets the hot tag and she really mops up on Banks. Bayley & Lynch go at it. Banks comes back and gets in a Back Stabber on Lynch. Charlotte gives Banks the Big Boot. Bayley takes out Charlotte. Lynch takes both of them out with a split legged top rope drop kick. Charlotte tags in. She connects with a Moonsault. Banks breaks up the pin. Lynch pulls Banks outside. Lynch takes out Banks. Bayley takes out Lynch. Charlotte comes outside and gets bested by Bayley. She goes for the Macho Elbow. Charlotte gets her knees up. Charlotte sets up for a move. Banks pulls her hair and gets clocked. Bayley rolls up Charlotte. Charlotte kicks out. Natural Selection for the win.

The OC gets another promo back stage. They run Raw. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler interrupt. They want to help out The OC. Styles agrees.

Rey Mysterio is out for a match. He’s taking on Gran Metalik. I’d take a series of Rey matches vs all members of the Lucha House Party. They’d get more TV exposure at a minimum. Metalik has his best match in the WWE. 619 & Drop of The Dime for the Rey win. AKA You’re not as good as Andrade.

The Street Profits hype the ten man match and the King of The Ring match. They get around to talking about both of the women’s matches. Angelo Dawkins takes the time to compliment Sasha Banks. Montez Ford throws us to another video package.

Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin & Ricochet are in the KoTR match. Not much happens before a break in the action. The action is back and forth much of the match. Corbin & Joe faced off a lot to make sure Ricochet could come in while they were beat up to gain an advantage. Joe gets Corbin in a Kokina Clutch on the outside. Joe looks like he’s going to sleep Corbin when Ricochet nails a Shooting Star Press off the apron onto both of them. Not the smartest move. He rolls Joe back into the ring. Recoil positions Joe for the 630. As Ricochet goes for the pin, Corbin pulls him out fo the ring and tosses him into the crowd. Corbin pins Joe to advance to the Finals of KoTR. People were not happy about this outcome.

Natalya & Lacey Evans have a match for reasons. Natalya lets her emotions lead her to an early lead. It also costs her momentum. Evans misses her spring board moonsault. Natalya can’t capitalize. Evans goes for her stalling drop kick. Natalya kicks her in the stomach. Nattie locks in the Sharp Shooter for the win.

Firefly Funhouse has a talk about “Stranger danger.” Bray Wyatt talks about everyone the Fiend attacked and how the attacks were provoked. He continues to talk about the Universal Title pairing of Seth & Braun giving more speculation that he will be one of their opponents in the near future.

Seth Rollins starts the match against Dolph Ziggler. Cedric Alexander ends up selling the bulk of the early match. A spinning back elbow gives him an opening to tag Rollins back in. He cleans house. We get the spot where everyone gets to take out someone else, with Rollins standing tall at the end. He tags in Strowman. They team well together. Powerslam. Rollins tries to protect Strowman during the pin but gets thrown into him. They have an argument. Rollins is getting beat down. Strowman tags in. He cleans house but runs into a post. Erik & Ivar get small cameos. Alexander tags in before Ivar jumps onto everyone on the outside. Styles goes for a Flying Forearm. Alexander reverses it into a Lumbar Check for the win. Steve Austin comes out to celebrate with the good guys. Thankfully, we’re done with tonight’s show.

Kevin DiFrango

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