Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 143 – Mason Rudolph, 17 Science Facts, ER Bills and Eating An Engagement Ring

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Ken & Kevin are back for the second time this week because of some technical miscues last week. They continue on their quest to cover their beloved Pittsburgh Steelers on a weekly basis. What do they think of Mason Rudolph becoming the starting QB for the rest of the season? Can the defense step up enough to salvage the season? They move on to talk about 17 Science facts from your childhood that aren’t facts now. Whose childhood is this meant for? Haven’t most of these claims been debunked for the better part of 30 years? Did any of them surprise the guys? It was not surprising to Ken & Kevin that a man got a $12,460 bill from a private ER in Colorado recently. Why would you have your bachelor party the week of your wedding? What costs could have been avoided on this trip to the ER? Last but not least, the guys talk about a woman who ate her engagement ring off her finger while sleeping. Why did she do it? How did it get retrieved from her stomach? What ridiculous story does Kevin have that is similar in nature? Find out by clicking the link below.

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