Almost Live, Defintely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 25 Nov. ’19

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Seth Rollins starts in the middle of the ring with the rest of the Raw roster surrounding. His first two talking points come from the crowd chanting “CM Punk” and “NXT.” The look on the Street Profits face after he talks about the failures of Raw. He calls out Randy Orton. He ends up walking out at the verbal abuse. Rollins calls out Charlotte who also walks out. AOP gets called out for never being around. Rollins really needed to stop at berating Rey Mysterio & “your stupid kid.” Everyone else walks out on him. Kevin Owens stays however. Rollins gives him a brow beating too. Owens gives him a Stunner and walks off.

Rollins challenges Kevin Owens to a match. Rollins is just stumbling all over his words. Woof.

Bobby Lashley & Lana had Rusev removed from the building because of a restraining order. Lashley has a match with someone but I don’t feel like rewinding. Rusev attacks Lashley causing a DQ. Rusev is ready to put Lashley through the announcers table when the police arrest him. Rusev is allowed to get away to shoulder block Lashley off the stage. He is let go a second time to kick over part of the stage on top of Lashley.

After the commercial break, we’re shown that Lashley was taken out on a stretcher.

AOP didn’t listen well to Rollins. They have a match against Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins. A Super Collider is followed by a double sit down power bomb for the win.

Akira Tozawa is taking on Andrade with Zelina Vega. I can’t bring myself to care much about this one. I like both guys but they haven’t gotten anywhere on the main roster. Andrade wins with the Hammerlock DDT.

Aleister Black is mad about Buddy Murphy knocking on his door. Shouldn’t he be happy Murphy did that? He’s literally been asking people to do so for months. I’m so confused.

Hold on, Buddy Murphy has a match against Matt Hardy for reasons? Why didn’t Black interfere? I’m even more confused now. Hardy was just brought in to job to Murphy which I’m on board for. But why then have him or Black lose after building them up during their initial run? WWE booking sucks. Murphy starts to make fun of Black. Aleister finally shows up and whoops Murphy. Just beyond confused now.

Charley Caruso interviews Charlotte Flair about her confrontation with Asuka last night. Charlotte blows off her leadership role. She’s ready to kick Asuka’s ass again.

AJ Styles comes out for a match with Humberto Carrillo. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows attack Carrillo before the match can start. Magic Killer on the steps. Ricochet comes out too late. The OC makes fun of him for being a Superhero and not making it out in time to make the save. . Ricochet challenges Styles to a match. Styles says his match was with Carrillo so no thanks. Randy Orton comes out and makes the same request. Styles reminds Orton that he beat him at Wrestlemania. Drew McIntyre comes out and makes his sales pitch. Rey Mysterio makes a pitch too. Ricochet requests a four way match for the rights to take on Styles. AJ gives the idea a rubber stamp after consulting Gallows & Anderson.

We get that match after a commercial. Jerry Lawler latched onto the “Superhero” comment from Styles and just kept repeating it. The OC comes back out to look over the proceedings when all four are down. Ricochet gets a near fall. McIntyre quickly turns it around. Sit Down Power Bomb gets a two count. RKO by Orton on McIntyre.who was going for a Claymore. Gallows & Anderson pull Orton off the pin. Rey rolls up Ricochet for the win.

Rey doesn’t really get to rest, US Title match with Styles is up next. Styles works over a softened up Rey. Mysterio counters Styles and tosses him shoulder first into the post. Rey kicks Styles which sets him up for the 619. Anderson pulls him down going for it. The referee doesn’t see it but still realizes the result of it so he tosses Gallows & Anderson. Styles is back in control after a break. Rey is in the Tree of Woe. Styles charges at him with a low drop kick. Rey pulls up and Styles crotches himself on the post. Rey gets a two count after a bulldog. Rey gets caught going to the top. Rey bites Styles hand. It doesn’t help. DVD type driver for a two count for Styles. Sunset Bomb gets Rey a two count. Rey connects with the 619 but it knocks Styles into the ref. The OC comes out and attacks Rey. Orton comes out to make the save. He eats a pnnch from Styles. AJ jumps over him but into a waiting Mysterio for a huracanrana into 619 position. Rey connects. RKO. The referee finally wakes up. Rey Mysterio is your new US Champion.

Charley gets let go of her duties by Kevin Owens. He makes fun of Rollins for not knowing who he is. Rollins need to stop being a puppet. Rollins is get another Stunner later tonight. KO is ready to take over ownership of the Raw brand.

Charlotte vs Asuka is on deck next. Kairi Sane is with Asuka. She mocks Charlotte starts off hot. Sane take a boot but doesn’t really help Asuka. Sane distracts Charlotte in a corner. It allows ASuka to get in a flying hip attack. Asuka lets loose on a barrage of strikes. Charlotte takes her down. Asuka rolls out after a near fall. Charlotte runs off SAne through the crowd. They trade near falls and attacks. A clothes line flattens Asuka. Fall Away Slam is followed with a knip up by Charlotte. She stays on the offensive. Asuka catches Flair running at her with a Lawnmower type move. Asuka counters Natural Selection into an arm bar. Charlotte powers into a Boston Crab. Asuka breaks the hold. Charlotte starts working over the knee. Charlotte gets a two from a Spear. Kairi Sane shows back up. Charlotte follows her outside. Sane gets tossed into the post. Asuka sprays Charlotte with the Mist. Asuka rolls her up while hidng Charlotte’s face for the win.

Erick Rowan still has something in a cage which I still don’t care about. Roberts looks at it, for reasons? Rowan double Claw Slams him for the win.

Other woman finally gets an interview and it’s AJ Styles after losing the US Championship. Styles tries to find words then just says “Randy ORton” and walks off.

Charley gets to toss soft balls to Lana. Rusev needs to be fired and sent to Bulgaria. Lashley is going to be fine. Fantastic.

Seth Rollins comes out for his match with Kevin Owens. Nothing happens before the commercial break. Rollins gets his knees up on a Swantoning Owens. KO nails a Cannonball in the corner. He follows up with a Swanton to the floor. KO gets a two count after a Frog Splash. This leadershi questioning of Rollins is just another terrible story line for him. Owens Pop Up Power Bombs a charging Rollins. A few counters leads to some kicks by Rollins.Owens Stunners Rollins but can’t pin him. AOP comes out and each of them stares at Owens or Rollins. Owens attacksAkam. Rezar joins in the assault on KO. Rollins gets up like he wants AOP to attack but they just leave. Rollins Stomps Owens just to be a dick. Owens eats a second one. Rollins is berating Owens as Raw goes off the air.

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