Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 3 Feb. ’20

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We get a recap of Randy Orton attacking Edge last week. Orton comes out to answer for his actions. He soaks up the boos then says he can’t do it and walks away. That promo style has been fairly popular recently.

We’re getting a redux of Lana vs Liv Morgan. We’re very lucky as wrestling fans. Let the eye rolling commence. Lana fakes an injury moments into the match. For some reason, both the ref and Morgan buy the ruse. Sling Shot Flat Liner for the win. I’ll give Liv credit for coming up with a cool finisher. Ruby Riott comes out to some mild cheering. Why did Morgan think they would be friends? She just spent how many months saying she was going to be her own woman? Riott does attack Morgan. Lana takes advantage. Morgan recovers entirely too quickly for my liking.

Riddick Moss‘s injury must not have been that bad since he’s back in the ring this Monday. The WWE decided not to show the picture of Mojo Rawley with Bill Belicheck, Rob Gronkowski, Stephanie and HHH. The WWE show another picture of him hanging out with #chix. We get recap for Drew McIntyre before he comes out. Mojo is showing off his 24/7 Championship to McIntyre. Drew grabs the mic and first warns Mojo that he’s going to Claymore him 3 seconds after he puts the mic down. Drew then addresses Brock Lesnar. He knows Brock is concerned about him because he was attacked from behind. Drew’s fine with that and is ready to Claymore Brock at Wrestlemania. Mojo is having a consult with Moss as the bell rings. He turns around and eats a Claymore for the McIntyre win.

Charley Caruso has to pretend like she’s going to interview Buddy Murphy & AoP ahead of their six man tag match tonight. Murphy gets out about six words before Seth Rollins takes over. He notes that he has beaten Brock Lesnar twice. Rollins tells McIntyre to prepare for the Monday Night Messiah.

Kevin Owens & the Viking Raiders are Murphy & AoP’s opponents. Rezar & Ivar have a show down after a commercial. I should mention that this is an elimination match. The Raiders Suicide Dive onto a member of AoP. Rollins Stomps Erik on the outside. Rollins rolls Erik back into the ring. Murphy covers him for the first elimination. Ivar appears to be injured. We get medics out. Ivar leaves ring side. KO is getting a beat down after another commercial. Owens gets small relief spots from the onslaught. Owens Cannon Balls onto Rezar. He side steps Akam into the steps. Murphy puts up his knees when KO goes for the Swanton. Murphy goes to the top. KO catches him for a Pop Up Power Bomb to eliminate Murphy. Akam comes in. He gets Stunned in short order for another elimination. Rezar gets a pep tal from Rollins. Rezar fails as soon as he gets into the ring. A Swanton Bomb only gets a two count. Rollins distracts KO. Rezar clothes lines him. A pair of spine busters finishes off KO. I can dig that finish. Et the good guy get a few pins but still loses. Very few people should be over coming odds such as 3-1. Owens recovers in an approproate amount of time and looks dejected.

Ricochet is not that great on the mic. An opportunity at the WWE Championship means everything to him.

Aleister Black is taking on Eric Young. I always find the later in your life tattoo choices interesting like Young did to himself. Chris Jericho is in the same boat. It’s not like Jericho or Young had day jobs that didn’t allow tattoos as they started their wrestling careers. Why not get them earlier in your life? I’d imagine Black has had a tattoo for quite a while now. Blackmas for the win. Black wants us all to be who we really are. He is ready to engulf the whole Raw locker room.

Humberto Carrillo has no idea who his opponent is. Zelina Vega brings in Angel Garza to do her bidding for the next month. Garza is Carrillo’s cousin. Garza has gotten more mic time tonight than Carrillo has had in the past month. Carrillo gets to go off in Spanish. He starts yelling at Vega. She slaps him. Garza attacks him. Wing Clipper by Garza. We get more exposed concrete. Rey Mysterio makes the save.

Rey and Garza have a match after a commercial. Garza turns around the match by pulling off the pants and throwing them in Rey’s face. Garza punts Mysterio while he’s in the Tree of Woe. Garza gets set up for the 619. He moves before Rey can connect. He pulls the ring apron out from Rey’s feet to trip him. Garza throws Rey into the corner chest first. Garza show boats before going for a moonsault. The pool is empty. Rey turns it around. A DDT gets a two count. Garza grabs Rey’s leg then knee lifts his face off. Canadian Destroyer by Rey. He sets up Garza for the 619. Vega stops him from executing. Vega and him get into a one way yelling match. Garza attacks him from behind. Hammer Lock DDT on the concrete.

Charlotte Flair comes out to make her announcement of opponent for Wrestlemaina. She mentions that she has beaten both Becky & Bayley multiple times. She’s a 10 time champion. Rhea Ripley comes out. She tells Charlotte that she has never beaten her. Rpiley throws an extra barb by saying that she has beaten Charlotte previously. They face off. Charlotte then walks off.

Sarah Schreiber interviews Bobby Lashley. He is not distracted by Lana’s match. You need to compartmentalize. Best Lashley promo in the WWE Run 2.0. He’s ready to beat either Ricochet or Rollins and possibly both. He can say that because he has legitimate credentials like Brock Lesnar. He’ll beat Lesnar then retain against McIntyre at Wrestlemania.

Asuka is taking on Natalya. Kairi Sane is at ring side. We get early jockeying for position. First big move of the match is a power bomb by Natalya. Asuka is working over Nattie as we come back from commercial. Asuka starts kicking a kneeing Natalya.Nattie rolls up Asuka for a two count. Asuka kicks out and recovers quickly. She kicks Natalya in the face. Asuka locks in an Octopus. Shining Wizard gets Asuka a two count. Asuka transitions into various submission moves. Natalya powers out with a suplex. Discus Clothesline by Natalya. She goes for the Sharpshooter. Asuka powers to the ropes to break the hold. Natalya gets distracted by Sane. Asuka Lock for the tap out win. Asuka grabs a mic. She wants a rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship. Becky Lynch comes out wearing sun glasses. Lynch is down for another fight with Asuka because the last match gave her super powers.

Seth Rollins comes out and proclaims that he will beat Brock Lesnar again. He notes how the crowd is reacting much differently than when he made the same claim last year around this time. Rollins followed through on his promise to beat Lesnar at Wrestelmania. We should believe in the Monday Night Messiah.

The match finally gets under way. Rollins is getting roughed up early. Buddy Murphy & AoP hit the ring. That triggers Kevin Owens and Erik of the Viking Raiders to make the save. They all fight to the back stage area. Rollins and Ricochet are facing on when we get back to the action. Lashley finally recovers. He cleans house on Ricochet & Rollins. Ricochet connects with a spring board clothes line for two on Rollins. Lashley attacks Ricochet. Lashley goes for a cover on Rollins who kicks out. Power Bomb/Superplex Combo sends Rollins bouncing out of the ring. Ricochet capitalizes. 630 on Lashley for the win. Brock Lesnar pops up and F5’s Ricochet. Brock holds up the WWE Championship. Hahaha.

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