Stunt Granny Audio 548 – Latinos vs Latinos, WWE’s Bad Music and Otis & Mandy

Kevin & Shahid got together to talk about the world of the WWE. They talk about Ricochet getting accosted by Brock Lesnar after his match that won him a trip to Saudi Arabia. Next on the dock was the feud involving Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. Why doesn’t AoP have the tag team championships again? Will Rollins ever get cheered or will his tactics prevent that? Why is the WWE going with Randy Orton vs Edge at Wrestlemania when there are so many intriguing match ups for Edge to have on the roster since his departure? Why is it that Latinos are only allowed to wrestle each other in the WWE these days? Did the WWE think we’d mistake Hector Garza for Andrade in his never ending feud with Rey Mysterio? Is Lucha House Party going to join this fight next? Is Becky Lynch being too tough for her own good? Is Shahid looking forward to Charlotte vs Rhea Ripley? How awesome is Asuka at cutting promos in Japanese? Why did Kevin & Shahid take a side bar to discuss the terrible music in the WWE since Jim Johnston left? Are we rooting for Mandy Rose and Otis to stay together? What else do the guys cover? Find out by clicking the link below!

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