Stunt Granny Audio 771 – NXT 2.0, Cora Jade and Barbwire Everything Match

With Chris recording Thursday night, it gave him and Kevin some fresh wrestling topics. They started with the general during the one year run of NXT 2.0. Since the women were the main event, they followed up by breaking down the division. Your hosts tried to figure out if turning Cora Jade heel is going to help her. Because Zoey Stark won the match, she was a big topic. With Roderick Strong being a veteran, Chris & Kevin try to figure out why he isn’t used more as a player/coach. They moved on to AEW and start with the Barbed Wire Everywhere match. Your hosts talk about how poorly it ended. Because Darby Allin took another rough bump, they talk about Brody King getting a sustained push. To close the show, Chris & Kevin tried to justify Jon Moxley having a tough go of it with The Best Friends.

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