Stunt Granny Audio 770 – Corey Graves, Titus O’Neil and Logan Paul

Since Kevin forgot to post this yesterday, you’re getting back to back podcast days. Him & Jeremy recorded Tuesday night so they cut into their Smackdown and Raw talk for live NXT 2.0 reactions. Because Corey Graves was extra unbearable this week, they talk about different announcing styles within the WWE. While Titus O’Neil kicked off Raw, your hosts were wondering why we were getting the message we got from him. Clearly the WWE doesn’t steer away from the topics that O’Neil touched on so it was confusing. Jeremy & Kevin further touched on the problems the WWE has with the Logan Paul vs The Miz feud. Since Paul has so many Youtuber viewers, your hosts wonder why none of them are wrestling fans. To close the show, Jeremy & Kevin talked beer as usual.

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