Stunt Granny Audio 818 – Jay Briscoe, Smackdown Live and Tay Melo

Since news broke about Jay Briscoe‘s death just prior to recording, Chris & Kevin kicked off the show talking about his career. Because there was a lot to cover, your hosts took the time to cover the majority of his career. After the sad news, they talked about Chris’s attendance at WWE Smackdown. With having taken his niece to the show, Chris talks about her favorite wrestler of the night, Liv Morgan. With the video package they played for Braun Strowman live, it was surprising that he lost to Gunther. Kevin asks Chris how the show closing angle with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens played in person. Your hosts did a quick run down of WWE Raw because they were setting up Raw XXX next week. To close the show, Chris & Kevin talked about Tay Melo regaining some momentum in AEW despite the loss.

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