Stunt Granny Audio 886 – All In Turnstile Count, Nia Jax and Becky Lynch

Since Kevin’s recording device is not working properly, him & Jeremy did a proper introduction on this show. Because the Brent Council did a turnstile count for AEW All In, your hosts talked about how much wrestling lies. Jeremy & Kevin not only talked about the fibs for attendance but other regularly scheduled lying in wrestling. After that nonsense, your hosts talked about Becky Lynch capturing the NXT Women’s Championship. They talk about Tiffany Stratton getting to show off against one of the biggest stars in WWE. Even though it’s not been said out loud, Jeremy & Kevin talk about the WWE keeping Lynch away from Rhea Ripley until Wrestlemania season. With Nia Jax returning, your hosts had to ask “Why?” To close the show, they talk about the other enjoyable nonsense from NXT this week.

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