Stunt Granny Audio 904 – Survivor Series, R Truth, Randy Orton and CM Punks

For Jeremy & Kevin, podcasts don’t get much easier than this one. Because WWE Survivor Series had three significant returns, your hosts centered the show around them. Because R Truth showed up on the broadcast first, he was the first one talked about. Jeremy & Kevin are still campaigning to keep R Truth on the roster as long as possible. Since Randy Orton was in the main event War Games match, he was the next topic. Jeremy & Kevin talk about how much bigger Orton is after his year and a half on the shelf. Since it has been that long, your hosts talk about all of the fresh match ups ready for Orton. Last but not least, Jeremy & Kevin talk about the return of CM Punk to WWE. Your hosts talk about the fact that it’s been a decade since he last wrestled in the WWE. Similar to Randy Orton, Punk is sitting on a lot of fresh match ups for new and old Superstars alike.

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