Are We Coming Off Like Total Pervs?

Boobs and Wrestling? Indeed.

Boobs and Wrestling? Indeed.

Ok, I swear to everyone reading this I did not actively seek this out but this is damned weird enough that we have to comment on this. Apparently there is a totally naked women’s wrestling league. I found this site after looking over at Slam Sports and there was a news blurb about Ron Hutchinson. It said something about how he had been working for the Naked Women’s Wrestling League as a trainer. So, being a hetero-male the name alone piqued my interest. After a quick Google search I found the greatest wrestling company ever, or at least one with an incredible niche.

These women actually wrestle bare-ass naked. They wear nothing. Nothing damnit. I am pretty sure I will never look at a kip-up or chain wrestling the same way again. The only bad part of the site is that you have to be a member and until we start getting the big money, $3.99 a month is not happening. Sorry if this is old news but damn, what a genius idea. Be warned the site is NSFW.  Dur! -Jeremy

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