Brock Lesnar Successfully Punks A Cowboy

That's Not A Knife. That's A Knife.

Now That's A Knife.


Saturday night, Brock Lesnar finally scored a victory in UFC when he defeated some guy that dresses like a cowboy. Apparently his name is Heath Herring and he did a lot of shit talking before the match. He spent so much time talking he failed to prepare for the match. I say this because he also forgot to block the huge punch to the face from Brock that instantly swelled his eye and made him roll over backwards on the mat. The bout was over right there and it was obvious.

After the bout, Brock was the picture of class as he taunted Heath by mocking his ridiculous cowboy gimmick. He even had the audacity to taunt him before the final five seconds elapsed. Nothing like winning your first ever match in UFC and being a total dick about it to boot. Brock, though, did exactly what he should have done, he beat an established UFC fighter and created more buzz for his next bout. It’s a win-win situation for Dana White and UFC. They now have a legit heel that casual customers will buy PPV’s to see get his ass kicked and it will create increased ticket sales for his next bout.

Damn, I really wish he had stayed in wrestling. -Jeremy

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  1. Paulie 2008-08-12 at 4:44 pm #

    Brock’s acting like a dick, aside, it was a pretty impressive win for him, against an opponent who garners a lot of respect both in the UFC and the MMA community as a whole.

    War Brock, it would seem. 😀

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