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Coming back? You wanna know if I'm coming back?

Coming back? You wanna know if I'm coming back?

Randy Orton recently spoke with Stunt Granny’s favorite United Kingdom sports news channel, Sky Sports News, where he declared himself medically cleared by the doctors and rarin’ for a return to the squared circle. In that interview, he also spoke about his new baby daughter and how hard it was to leave her behind while he road tripped to the UK.

This interview was like a “how to” guide for all the dumb crap things that wrestlers can do. Seriously, no wrestler in the world should ever get married, let alone have children. You know which wrestler should be allowed to get married? Steve Richards. Steve Richards gets paid six digits to sit at home 98 percent of the year. Steve Richards should have three wives. He’s the freaking man.

But yeah, we give it three months. Whether that’s the duration of his marriage or the length of time he wrestles before getting hurt again is entirely up to the reader. – Dusty

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