And The Hits Keep Coming

If you listen hard enough, you can hear careers actually end.

If you listen hard enough, you can hear careers actually end.

Hot damn did WrestleMania just happen? The way the WWE is cutting active members of it’s roster you would think so.

According to PWInsider, WWE has released Big Daddy V, Domino, Nunzio, and James Curtis. They also released veteran referee Nick Patrick just to balance things out and make even the officials a tad nervous about answering their telephones.

No one on this list should be a surprise. Big Daddy V has been and would have continued to be a health liability for WWE. They can’t afford another wrestler going down on their watch and his, um, girth will eventually catch up to the ass-raping, sexy beast. He is also a victim of WWE’s under the cuff cutting back on all of their monsters. So the writing was on the wall anyway.

Domino, um, yeah. After getting destroyed last week on Smackdown the fact that he made it a week is a miracle.

James Curtis never caught on but he did last longer than Aaron “the Idol” Stevens. You remember when they were teamed together and placed with the human crowd heat nullifier Michelle McCool? Well, I barely did as well. He had taken significant steps to change his look and it apparently worked. He went from a rather bloated, non-descript talent to a slim, non-descript talent. Ok, that was a little much.

Nunzio was in the class with Val Venis. He always left you scratching your head how he hung on when WWE would enact their across the brands cutbacks. This isn’t saying he is a talentless hack, quite the contrary. Little Guido or Nunzio was always solid and he took bumps very well. He made the bigger guys look that much bigger and badder. Feel free and yell now but TNA, sigh, may want to look in to him.

Nick Patrick, well, there is some actual history behind Nick that needs to be explored. It wouldn’t be fair to shortchange him in a one paragraph synopsis. -Jeremy

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