Shannon NoMoore…..Get It!

I'm gonna be somebody, someday.....someday.

I'm gonna be somebody, someday.....someday.

Shannon Moore has followed in the footsteps of every z-grade celebrity and posted on his MySpace blog that he and WWE have split ways. This comes as a total surprise as Shannon was in the middle of the most sustained push of his career through his partnership with Jimmy Wang Yang. Okay, who am I kidding, will this even matter? Shannon hasn’t been a major player since his days in Three Count.  Should this news be taken as real? It may have been posted on a MySpace blog but it is still more reliable than news.

We all here at StuntGranny wish Shannon the best in his future goals as long as those goals do not include seeking employment with another wrestling company with a television deal or major, national DVD distribution. -Jeremy

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