Chris Jericho’s New Job

Alright ladies, get to crooing or get to stepping.

Alright ladies, get to crooning or get to stepping.

Over at is an interesting press release from the Fuse network. Chris Jericho is set to host a new television program called “Shame To Fame.” I can see the appeal of a show like this for Chris but let’s all be honest here; Chris can’t sing. As long as he is a host and not a judge then all is well.

We all saw that dreaded celebrity singing show where he was the very first elimination. Cheech Marin lasted longer than he did and his only claim to fame is putting up with Tommy Chong and Don Johnson while collecting a paycheck.

There was one interesting bit though that makes this show appealing in a totally disgusting manner.

“Produced by Zig-Zag Productions USA, “Shame 2 Fame” pits ten talented female singers who have addictions, criminal records, emotional problems and bad attitudes against one another as they dream of fame and musical stardom. Each week, the women compete in a series of outlandish, transforming challenges, from performing at a Sweet 16 to being grilled by a publicist about their past, ultimately resulting in one girl sent packing. Only the strongest will be redeemed and given the opportunity to sign with a major music label.”

So this show sounds like a cross between “Bad Girls,” “Intervention” “American Idol” and “Making the Band.” I say set the TiVo and let the overproduced drama begin. -Jeremy

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