Mick Foley Dares To Dream!

Watch Out Spike TV, It's The Dude.

Watch out Spike TV, It's the Dude.

According to The Sun, a “pal” of Mick Foley claims that Mick Foley is planning on jumping ship to TNA when his contract expires with WWE. Foley has reportedly been upset with his announcing gig on Smackdown almost to the day he started. Apparently he doesn’t like being yelled at by people who get the discount at the local dinner buffet. The best part of this article is the delusional “pal” stating that Mick wants to go to and help legitimize the public’s perception of TNA. He will do so in a black-tie chain inferno lube on a pole match inside the six sides of electrified steel filled with weapons. Oh and mayonnaise. This is TNA after all and anything is possible. Good luck Mick, hopefully this negotiation plan works out for you and WWE.-Jeremy

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