IWA-MS cares about humanity

According to the Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online site, IWA Mid-South, those wacky hardcore folks from the eastern midwest, are holding two shows this weekend, one of which is a fundraiser for one of their most popular “athletes”:

IWA Mid-South runs Portage, IN on August 16th at Woodland Park and August 17th and Sunday August 17th in Joliet at the Hartman Rec Center. The second night will be a fundraiser to help pay for Mickie Knuckles’ hospital bills. Trevor Murdock is working both shows, and Necro Butcher vs. Too Cold Scorpio takes place Sunday.

It’s good to see an independent company that probably spends more money on light tubes than they bring in on the live gate putting on a show to raise funds to help the chick that beat the ever-loving fuck out of a guy who just wanted to wrestle for the company. If you haven’t seen the video of Mickie Knuckles’ legalized assault and battery on some douchebag (followed by a gutless 6-on-1 attack on the guy), consider yourself a lucky person. Maybe former WWE superstar Trevor Murdoch, who probably used to get a decent paycheck, will appear on a fundraiser for a man who got curbstomped face-first onto the rung of a ladder by some remorseless fat-ass.

(Oooh, what are you gonna do, challenge me to a Fans Bring the Toilet Seats Brawl?) -Eric

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